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Coastal Sectionals: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: May 7

coastal sectional in a modern living room by the ocean front

Looking to modernize the seaside atmosphere within your home? A coastal interior is the way to go. This style is light and airy and introduces the tranquility of the seaside to your home. If you’re in to experience the serenity of coastal interiors—we’ve got just the place for you to start. Coastal sectionals!

These are great for snuggling up on while binge-watching your favorite shows, entertaining guests, and, of course, providing a comfy seating spot for everyone.

Keep reading for our top picks on coastal sectionals, plus how to style them. These pieces draw inspiration from the sand, sea, and sky to create a beachy vibe in your home 🤍

The Best Coastal Sectionals for a Beach-Inspired Home

Breanna Two Piece Curved Sectional Sofa

round sectional in coastal style

Price: $5,463

The coast features natural and curvy forms—and this two-piece sectional adds the perfect flowy shape to your living room. This creates a casual and inviting setting, allowing you and your loved ones to relax. You can join the two pieces to form a large sectional or place them opposite each other for a complete couch setting.

Coastal decor often features light and airy colors. Think beige, light blue, soft green, and sandy tones. This sofa is a suitable pick because it comes in 5 color options, with beige, green, and ivory being perfect choices for a coastal interior.

Teak Port Sectional, Ottoman and Table Set

teak sectional for outdoor

Price: $7,999

If you’re looking to add a coastal vibe to your patio, this outdoor set is a dream come true! Made from grade-A teak, the set features a strong build using natural materials. And, as you’ve probably guessed, anything natural and outdoorsy is a fundamental part of coastal interiors. We also love its navy blue color mimicking the blue ocean waves.

The set includes a sectional, ottoman, and square coffee table. So, with this purchase, you can expect a complete seating area to fit all your loved ones. 

Beach Day 5 Seat Sectional

beige and white two sided sectional

Price: $9,560

Shop: HomeBody

Nothing screams coastal more than the beach day 5-seat sectional. Its white and beige color combination brings a light and sandy vibe to your space. Simultaneously, its plush, layered cushioning and complete modularity ensure optimal comfort. So, whether you’re snacking or hitting snooze, you have the ultimate comfortable sitting spot.

The couch comes in different fabrics and colors, and you can order swatches before ordering. You can also choose between 0 and 4 recliners, depending on your needs.

Patio Conversation Set with Coffee Table

pation couch set in blue

Price: $659

Shop: Homrest

If you’re working on a budget, bring your coastal home to life with this beautiful sectional that feels just like the sea! Its brown rattan materials adds the perfect natural material to the interior. We’d like to say it's reminiscent of the husk of palm trees gently swaying on the beach. This is complemented by its beautiful blue color resembling the waves washing onto the shore.

While the sofa is designed for outdoor use, we’d love it in a coastal-inspired interior, too! Its ergonomically curved armrest and backrest make for a comfortable seating spot, no matter what time of the day it is. If you’d like the piece in a more subtle shade, Homrest also offers it in khaki.

Modern Curved Sectional Modular Sofa

curved sectional in white

Price: $2,799

Shop: Homary

A casual and relaxed ambiance can be achieved with this curved sectional—perfect for the easy-going coastal style. We love the beige tone for coastal interiors (bonus points for adding coastal cushion covers), but you can also opt for the blue version if you’re looking to create a design statement in your interior.

The modularity of this piece means you can form various layouts depending on your interior design. Finally, its comfortable upholstery allows you to sit back and relax when lounging.

Convertible Sectional Sofa Bed

navy blue convertible sofa bed

Price: $599

Shop: Homrest

Working around a small space and looking for multifunctionality? This convertible sectional sofa comes at a competitive price and can serve more purposes than one! Featuring three adjustable angles, it can transform into a bed, while the ottoman serves as a coffee or nightstand table. So, whether you need sleeping space for guests or love to hit snooze while watching netflix, this piece will be a good fit.

As a bonus, it also includes hidden storage to hold your blankets. This versatility in design is an important part of coastal sectionals. And needless to say, its blue color will remind you of the sea.

How to Style Coastal Sectionals

Once you have your coastal sectional in place, you’ll love the airy feeling it brings to the interior. But that’s not it! To make the most of your piece, be sure to style it the coastal way. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Layer textures. Mix and match fabrics, for example, linen cushions with coastal prints on a solid velvet sofa. 

  • Lay down a striped rug to accentuate the presence of the sectional.

  • Add beach-inspired decor items to the coffee table of your sofa setting. Seashells, driftwood, or sea glass in vases will do the trick.

  • Set up a gallery wall of nautical prints on the wall behind your sectional.

  • Add plenty of plants. We love the fiddle leaf fig and kentia palm for a coastal vibe.

Bonus tip—If you’d like to add the vibe to your bedroom(s) as well, we’d recommend getting a coastal-inspired accent chair. Case in point: the rattan and wicker chairs by the Citizenry.

Final Words

Coastal sectionals not only provide ultimate comfort—but also create a casual (and appealing!) setting. When decorating them, opt for a balanced approach. The key to doing this is not going overboard; choose a few pronounced pieces for a sophisticated interior inspired by the waters 🌊


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