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Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for an Instant Design Refresh

Updated: May 7

kitchen cabinets in dusty blue

The right colors completely change the feeling of your kitchen, whether it’s a light hue, such as powder blue, or something more moody, like forest green. And because 2024 trends are all about going bold (looking at you, deep jewel tones), now is the time to ditch an all-white interior and play with colors. After all, the heart of your home deserves some personality—and attention!

If you’re ready to give your kitchen space a fresh look, you’ve landed the right spot. We’ve handpicked the best kitchen cabinet colors ideas to inspire your next remodel!

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

navy blue kitchen cabinets

No matter what your taste in design is, navy blue is always a hit for the kitchen. We especially love it for the cabinetry (and perhaps a statement island), making the space feel bold yet timeless. Plus, it adds a sense of serenity and calm to the interior.

As a high-traffic space, navy blue also offers more practicality in the kitchen than lighter colours. This is because it’s a darker hue that is less likely to highlight stains and scratches. Additionally, blue is a highly adaptive color—it’ll work wonders with any other color you’d like to add through accessories, too! A designer’s favorite is highlighted yellow accents in a navy blue kitchen.

Bold Black

black and brown kitchen cabinets

Looking for a little contrast and drama? Black is the way to go! Using black in the kitchen creates a sense of luxury, giving the space a high-end look. While black cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular, interior design enthusiasts are playing around with black islands and dining table chairs, too. The Giantex dining table set is a great pick for black seating that is also comfortable. 

While we’re here for a black-and-white kitchen, an innovative approach is mixing black with brown backsplash. Skipping white, of course, makes for a practical choice in the kitchen.

Forest Green

green kitchen cabinets

White kitchens can get a personality update when accented with a forest green island and cabinetry. Green is innately natural and helps forge a connection between the outdoors and the kitchen interior. This effect can further be accentuated if your kitchen space offers a leafy view from the outdoors. (If it doesn’t, consider bringing in a planter! Bonus points for adorning a vacant corner with a plant stand—we especially love Tribe Sign’s corner plant stand for kitchen spaces).

Finally, keep the look balanced by opting for white pendant lights, such as Alchemy Home’s Dome pendant lighting. Alternatively, take this as an opportunity to layer natural elements by opting for rattan lampshades.

Powder Blue

powder blue kitchen cabinets in a modern kitchen

If you’re not ready to take a bold step, keep it understated but interesting with powder blue. In fact, powder blue may be the hottest kitchen trend lately—and its sophisticated aura explains why. This subtle shade of blue offers a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen interior. It incorporates liveliness to the space while keeping it near neutral. 

You can further create a stunning contrast by pairing powder blue with light-colored wooden accents and warm-toned hardware. One great addition would be the Giantex 5-piece set; its powdery-blue chairs can add the perfect vintage touch to the space. If you’re aiming for a cozy interior, this is definitely your kitchen color!

Baby Pink

baby pink and white kitchen cabinets

Gone are the days when pink was only meant for girls. In fact, you can create a contemporary yet cheerful kitchen interior with light shades of pink. As a bonus, pink symbolizes love—making it a great shade to use where you gather with family. Add the color through pink paint or backsplash—and complement with pink seats around the dining table. 

From bold fuchsia to delicate carnation, you have plenty of shades to choose from when. Tip: Warm wood tones work well for virtually all shades of pink, so be sure to factor them in one way or another.


saturated teal kitchen cabinets

Another timeless and trendy hue is teal—perfect to add a pop of color to any kitchen space. Reminiscent of the sea, the sky—basically all of nature at once—teal is a calming shade. It makes for a great way of ensuring those zen vibes are added to the kitchen interior (a place that can often feel hectic!).

We especially love the color for the bottom cabinets and island inner. Pairing with iron bar stools, such as the Urban Port counter height bar stool, creates the perfect contrast.


farmhouse style kitchen with citron cabinets

An unexpected but beautiful color in the kitchen is citrone. It blends the sunny side of yellow with lime green, creating a sense of warmth against the otherwise stark white palette. If you opt for a brighter shade, you can liven up the kitchen interior and add a burst of energy.

When opting for bright colors, such as yellow, we recommend choosing furnishings that balance the palette. For example, a dining set using tempered glass for the table and white chairs (the Giantex set is easily one of our favorites).

Ruby Red

ruby red cabinets and walls

Credit: eBay

Since jewel tones are among the top-trending colors, why not make a bold design choice and opt for ruby red? Using such a rich tone can invite happiness and passion to your kitchen—making it a hotspot for making memories with families. The color also conveys your bold personality to visitors, and can make your kitchen the focal point of the home!

If you prefer, you can add the color through accessories and furnishings instead. For example, ruby red chairs around the dining table and a vase of fresh roses. You can also paint your kitchen island ruby for a change.

Final Words

As we say goodbye to neutral (read: boring) kitchens—it’s time we pick our favorite colors for a change. We hope our top picks for colors inspired you for your next kitchen refresh. And because the kitchen is where we spend so much of our time, it will sure be worth it 🤍


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