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Interior Design Trends for 2024 and Fresh Decor Ideas

Updated: May 7

Modern living room design 2024

Interior design trends evolve year after year—and for the better: as in previous years, design experts are predicting the trends we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2024. And they don't disappoint! From the continuing power of bold hues to the innovative ideas of wellness-focused decor, they have a little something for every kind of homeowner. And the good part is, many of them don’t require major renovations. You can add them to your home with minor upgrades—and watch them make your space in line with 2024 interior design trends. Keep reading for interior decor ideas that you’ll want to jot down for your next home upgrade.

Brass Accents

modern kitchen with white cabinets and brass accents

The classic—and timeless—appeal of brass allows it to barge into 2024 as it did into the previous years. Designers love the sophistication it brings to traditional and modern interiors alike; brass can subtly add contrast and allow other materials, such as wood, to shine. Simultaneously, the warm and deep tone of brass makes it a great addition to cozy interiors.

How to add brass accents to your home:

  • Swap out existing lighting fixtures with brass pendant lights or chandeliers. We especially love this Eichholtz’s chandelier in antique brass, sure to add luxury to your space.

  • Upgrade cabinet handles and doorknobs with brass fixtures. (Bonus points for brass faucets)

  • Look for furniture with brass elements. From a bed with a brass headboard to a sofa with brass legs, your options are diverse.

  • If you’re feeling a little artsy, consider adding a golden brass wall decor set, such as the beautiful set by John Richard.

Deep Jewel Tones

deep blue sapphire curved sofa

While deep colors, such as green and blue, make it to the top sofa color trends for 2024, we’re seeing the revival of dark jewel tones for interior decor in 2024. The saturated hues of precious gems can give your interior design a touch of velvety mystery—even without the silky smooth fabric. High-saturation shades of ruby, sapphire, and emerald are the top colors dominating color palettes across homes in 2024.

How to add deep jewel tones to your home:

Lesser Technology

rustic natural wood table

Bright touchscreens and harsh blue lights have had their moment for a while—now they’re giving off too much of a love for mechanic controls. Homeowners around the world are now seeking ‘dumb homes’ dominated by serenity—what they call the opposite of a smart home.

How to give a pause to technology in your home:

  • Choose mechanical controls, such as light switches with mechanical toggles.

  • Add analog clocks to various rooms in your home.

  • Incorporate plants into your bathroom for a relaxing, spa-like interior.

Bold Lighting

2024 living room with accent table lamp

If you love the idea of illuminating your home with personality and flair—this one’s for you! 2024 is seeing a surge in bold lighting fixtures. Think large-scale, structural pieces that can singlehandedly act as the focal point of the space. 

How to add bold lighting fixtures to your home:

  • Mix a vintage touch with your statement piece by opting for an antique chandelier. We love the Carlton pendant in silver leaf.

  • The modern aesthetic lover can consider sleek fixtures, such as the Vortic flow pendant light—it’s a stunning affair of dark bronze and gold!

  • If you’re feeling a little creative, consider adding statement lighting (and reflection!) with an LED wall mirror.

Innovative Materials

plastic wood outdoor furniture

Designers are anticipating a rise in sustainable materials in both design and building. These are not only beneficial for the environment but provide peace of mind to the homeowner (knowing they’ve made conscious design choices).

How to add innovative materials to your home:

  • Use recycled glass for your countertops and tiles.

  • Consider sustainable materials for your furniture, such as wicker for outdoor sets. The Orleans Gliding Set is a great option as compact outdoor furniture.

  • Opt for upcycled materials: reclaimed wood and salvaged metal are crowd favorites in this regard. Another great idea is breathing life into your old furniture.

Fluted Elements

fluted wall

Fluted details bring a distinct texture to the interior and incorporate natural materials. The design has been famous in classical architectures over the past, but designers are now appreciating the appeal it adds to diverse design styles. Whether you have a contemporary space or a traditional haven, fluted details will add a punch of visual interest.

fluted chest of drawers

How to add fluted elements to your home:

  • Create an accent wall with fluted wall panels. Partial slat walls, however, are slowly making their way out of design trends due to their incomplete look, so you’d want to avoid those.

  • Consider cabinet doors and drawer fronts with fluted paneling.

  • Create a unique focal point in the kitchen by incorporating fluted details on a custom range hood.

fluted cabinet

Cozy Luxury

cozy living room with natural materials

In 2024, relaxed and casual luxury is expected to see a surge—especially when it comes to furniture. Cozy, lived-in looks will be preferred over clean and sterile interiors. This will primarily be achieved with a revival of classic design elements and sustainable materials. If you choose to incorporate technology, make sure it’s discreetly embedded. The aim is to add nostalgia to the interior while embracing modern luxury.

How to add cozy luxury to your home:

  • Choose plush seating units and deep-seaters. Here are our favorite deep-seat couches along with their measurements.

  • Consider soft, warm lighting for a cozy ambiance—bonus points if you create a cozy reading nook as well.

  • Layer different textures to create a lived-in atmosphere.

box couch

rattan basket chandelier

Final Words

No matter which interior design trend you choose, one thing is for sure: 2024 promises to be a year of thoughtfully chosen decor motives — sure to bring a breath of fresh air into your homes.


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