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Top Sofa Color Trends Defining 2024

Updated: May 7

navy blue velvet sofa

Color is an important part of every interior. From setting the right mood to keeping the interior trendy and inviting, it is color that makes or breaks a room — and it is not surprising that color is also one of the most vital considerations when buying big-ticket items like sofas. 

While size, style, and, of course, comfort are vital factors, searching and choosing the perfect hue for your sofa greatly contributes to determining the overall ambiance and aesthetic of a room. 

Here, we will unveil the top 5 sofa color trends for 2024, paired with ideas on how to seamlessly pull off every hue, be it a bold shade like mustard or a minimal color like beige. 


green sofa bed

The most popular and loved color, green, will continue to be a favorite in 2024. The connection of this color with nature and the outdoors explains why it continues to trend in the new year. It comes in different shades to complement various settings, such as; 

  • Forest green for romantic and moody interiors

  • Crisp apple green shades for country cottage settings

  • Moss green for calm and quiet color palettes

forest green art deco sofa and living room

How to Style: Since green is compatible with tons of other hues (including yellow, pink, and blue), styling the color is super easy and fun. An interesting idea is to pair the couch with a neutral rug, like gray (another color trend of 2024), to balance out the vibrance of green. Introduce millwork in a different shade of green and hang artwork in earthy tones. You can create contrast with bright yellow armchairs and accessorize the room with brass or gold accents. Choose window treatments in a similar shade to the soft furnishings — preferably mustard or gray curtains — to tie the look together. 


orange sectional

Dopamine decor lovers, the sofa color trends of 2024 have good news for you. Orange, the color of fun and whimsical elements, is here to satisfy your joyful and maximalist interior design taste. Along with disguising as a reminder for brighter, sunnier, and positive days, the bursts of orange citrus shades will perfect both traditional and contemporary schemes while adding a real zest to the overall color palette. 

How to Style: As a versatile centerpiece that sits comfortably with warm accents and natural materials, there are countless ideas to seamlessly incorporate an orange couch in your living room. With, for example, an Aalto Leather Orange Sofa, laying out a neutral shag pile rug and matching it with similar-colored lamp shades and earth-toned window treatments can help you balance the bright hue of the couch. Top this with a vintage mirror and a caged chandelier for a mid-century modern interior that is minimal yet visually appealing. 


blue velvet sofa

With work-from-home becoming the new norm, blue is set to make a hit in 2024 as one of the most popular sofa colors that promote calm interiors and productive atmospheres. Serene and beautiful, there is a calming vibe of blue that makes it ideal for living room, home office, and bedroom sofas. 

Introducing blue, in whatever hue it may be, is a foolproof way to create a clean and fresh feel, especially if it appears against a muted or white background. Not to forget, it also serves as an attractive accent piece that adds interest to the room. 

navy blue walls with navy sofa and red accent pillows

How to Style: As blue falls on the cooler side, it gives the opportunity to play around and decorate with different warm shades like terracotta hues and pops of red. When styling something like the Midnight Blue Sofa in the picture above, adding rustic details like wooden paneling, wicker light shades, and hand-woven jute rugs can create a natural feel that reflects tranquil waters and skies. Finish off by dressing the interior with complementary accents in fun, trendy colors like yellow and red. For a more moody and bold look, a dark, sultry wall color like dark gray or dark green will do great in emphasizing the sofa and setting the right ambiance. 

Beige Couches

beige curved sofa

Earthy tones have always been popular in interior design and will continue to be seen in 2024. The tone works incredibly well in minimal interiors, but what makes it an absolute favorite is its ability to be used in every design style, from relaxing and warm to bright and funky. 

While bold colors are on the cards this year, warm neutrals are here to stay. Textures such as boucle and bold patterns on different shades of beige are the emerging additions that add an exciting kick to the monochromatic color palette. 

beige sofa in a traditional style living room

How to Style: Consider choosing a textured sofa like the Sofa Bixy Beige to add visual interest. The colors of the soft furnishings and window treatments are defined by the look you’re aiming to create — bold, minimal, traditional, or modern? Top the decor with statement furniture and accessories in sculptural shapes (like arc floor lamps) to create eye-catching focal points, and don’t forget to add metallics (like a gold coffee table) and velvet (through cushion covers or upholstery on an accent armchair) to bring life to the beige couch. 


mustard sofa in a living room with rich grey walls

Yellow is a hot element of contemporary living room trends for 2024 — particularly focusing on deeper shades like mustard. You may pick a geometric upholstered mustard leather sofa for a 70s-inspired aesthetic or choose a classic silhouette in rich ochre to combine contemporary and timeless aesthetics in one room. Whatever the choice, deep yellow shades are set to create a warm and cozy interior that feels inviting and well-lit. 

brown mustard leather sofa

How to Style: Mustard sits happily with multiple colors on the color wheel, but it is most effective with warmer, nature-inspired blues and greens or muted grays and pinks. When styling a mustard couch, we’d suggest combining the hue with a shade of gray as the wall color and a subtle patterned beige rug for the floor. If pops of colors are your thing, try a traditional style flat weave rug in light blue for an appealing mid-century modern twist. Introduce complementary shades like jewel-like ruby red and burnt orange through leather ottomans, cushions, and floral artwork (preferably presented in wooden frames for a coherent look). 


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