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Low Profile Sofas and Sectionals for Stylish Spaces

Updated: May 7

Low-profile sofas are modern and sleek—and perfect for today’s small interiors. These pieces may be short in height but add stunning sophistication to your room. Plus, they make the space look bigger and more airy. And nothing beats an open, modern interior!

In terms of appearance, a low-profile sofa is much like a regular one, except it has a shorter seat height and lower backrest. This build encourages a posture for leisure and relaxation.

In this blog post, we share our top picks for low-profile sofas and sectionals to create a stylish space. We’ll share links to the product as well as their stores; be sure to share your favorites in the comments section below 😊

Bigger isn’t always better… Let’s find out how!

Bjorn Upholstered Curved Sofa

Price: $9,838

Dimensions: 98.43" width x 27.56" height 

The Bjorn upholstered sofa is one of our favorites! It rises just 28 inches off the floor, making for an understated accent piece that feels right in virtually all small-to-medium living spaces.

We also love its curvy silhouette, lending to a modern yet contemporary space. (Fun fact: curved forms are actually one of the biggest trends of 2024!). Although simple, the design never gets boring. In fact, it feels harmonious and adds visual intrigue to the space.

Ojai Sofa

Price: $3,650

Dimensions: 102" width x 27" height 

Few couches can match the comfort provided by the Ojao sofa. Its soft linen fabric and goose-down pillows mean you can melt into it—perfect for relaxing after a tiring day. Plus, its seat height of 15" means it sits low with the floor.

Despite its low profile, the grand style of the Ojai sofa can make a statement in any room. Whether you’re in for a quick snooze or looking to binge-watch your favorite shows, the this sofa makes for a wonderful low-profile piece.

Helm Sofa

Price: $4,299

Dimensions: 88.5" width x 30.6" height 

While this sofa isn’t as low as the other options on this list, it’s still considered at the bottom of the dimension range for regular sofas. (We mean, we’d give it an edge for its stunning build!).

The Helm sofa features a solid walnut frame paired with layers of deliciously plush foam. It comes in a variety of color and fabric options—and you can also order swatches before placing your order. Its high price comes with the reward of high resilience; the sofa can stand the test of time and easily make for an heirloom piece you pass down generations.

Made Goods

Price: Starting at $4,790

Dimensions: 66" width x 27" height

Rising just 27 inches off the floor, this Made Goods sofa is perfect for anyone looking for something other than neutrals. Its olive green color has an unmistakable earthy quality—bringing a sense of serenity to your space. 

While the low profile of the piece is enough to add airiness to the interior, its legs (instead of a skirted base) further enhance this effect. So, if you’re looking for a head-turning piece that retains the spaciousness of your living room, this is the piece. And did we mention it gives you 76 fabric options to choose from for the cushions? Crazy good!

Homary Pink 3-Seater Sofa

Price: $1,799

Dimensions: 86.6" width x 27.6" height

If you’re looking for curves in your sofa, but in a more subtle form, the Homary pink 3-seater features just the right organically-flowing shape. The subtleness, however, is retained with its symmetrical silhouette. Designed with a tight backrest and velvet upholstery, this piece features a simple design while inviting you to sit back and relax.

As a bonus, this sofa, despite being low-profile, also creates a stunning statement and can work well for both understated and eclectic interiors. If you’d like to add glam with a neutral, the piece also comes in gray.

GUS Modern Nexus Modular Sectional Sofa

Price: $5,480

Dimensions: 117" width x 28" height

Sectionals provide the ultimate comfort—but can take up a large chunk of the visual estate of your room. This is why many people hesitate to use them when short on space. But not with the GUS Modern sectional! This piece provides ample seating space (including an ottoman that can be utilized for lying down). While providing so much room, it still sticks low to the floor, ensuring your space doesn’t look cramped.

The beauty of this modular system lies in its flexibility. The components can be easily reconfigured—or even arranged separately. This allows the design to adapt to different interior layouts. So, it can grow or shrink as per your needs.

Convertible Futon Sofa

Price: $436

Dimensions: 30" width x 28.5" height

A budget-friendly homeowner’s pick would be this convertible futon sofa. It may seem like it seats only two—but it actually opens up to form a sleeper! So, it provides extra sleeping space when you have guests over during the night and optimal seating space during the day. Also, its stunning navy blue color adds a bold punch of hue to your space.

The sofa also comes with two 3-pin sockets and two USB ports. So, you can charge your gadgets during your leisure time 😉

Final Words

Low-profile sofas can instantly add laid-back charm to your interior—but there are quite a few things to keep in mind while choosing your piece. Do you need to accommodate 3 people with a regular piece or more with a sectional? Would you appreciate some extra sleeping space offered by the sofa? And do you need a USB port built into your sofa? Give all of these questions a thought, and you’ll be able to pick the piece that best fits your needs 🤍


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