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Where to Buy a Modular Sofa for Every Style

Updated: May 7

A sofa is a big decision. In fact, many of us believe the heart is where the couch is. After all, that’s where we spend so much of our time relaxing and bonding with loved ones. And if you want your sofa to literally grow — and shrink — with you, a modular will be your best fit. (Still in doubt? Here’s what a modular is and why you need one.)

But it’s important to remember, a modular is an investment. So, it pays off to read about the best places to buy a modular sofa. Keep reading as we share where to buy a modular sofa for every style!


Credit: Lovesac

One of the oh-so-famous stops for modular sofa shopping, Lovesac is always a good place to look for your first piece. They call their modular collection ‘sactionals’ — that is, a combination of the brand’s name and sectional. The modular sofa’s configuration ranges from 2 seats and 4 sides to 10 seats and 12 sides. So, whether you’re looking for something small and cozy or a whole den-like experience, Lovesac has you covered.

What we love about these modular sofas is that each piece is separate. This means you can get creative starting from the first piece, creating an arrangement that perfectly fits your needs. Plus, you can add more modules when the need arises sometime down the line. With sactionals, everything is customizable (even the colors and material) — and you can easily take off the covers to wash them clean when needed.



If you’re looking for an affordable modular, Ikea’s VIMLE is where to look. You can begin by purchasing a two-seater along with a chaise (as shown in the picture) for a budget-friendly modular setting. It still looks as stunning as its larger counterparts — and provides optimal functionality for a small family. As you grow over the years, let your modular sectional grow with you 😉

The deep seats are great for lounging, and the armrests provide a quick spot to place essentials (like your mobile phone). For more permanent storage, look under the chaise lounge, where you can find enough space to stack some throw pillows and blankets.


Credit: Castlery

Have active pets and kids around? You want to invest in a sofa that can stand the test of time — and spills of little ones! Castlery has you covered with its diverse range of modular sofas, and especially the Jonathan Leather Extended Sofa. This particular piece can take spills, stains, and scratches (and last for years to come). It also comes with an ottoman, which can easily be doubled as a coffee table. If you’d like an entire seating space and a table in a single sofa purchase, this is your best bet.

Another interesting configuration to play around with is the Auburn Build-your-own Living room set; with these pieces, you can create a setting that is truly unique to your space.

Crate and Barrel

If you’re on the hunt for a soft and supportive sculptural sofa, check out this Angalore 3-piece sectional at Crate and Barrel. Made from a faux mohair fabric, this particular piece screams one word: luxury. However, it’s not incredibly stain or scratch-resistant, so it's not the best option if you have kids around. It is also important to note that the modules are not held in place with latches, which means you may need to push them back together often.

Apart from this piece, Crate and Barrel has a vast collection of modular sofas waiting to be explored.


After the ultimate seating solution to create a cinematic experience in your home? Sundays’ 5-piece modular sectional offers a large and luxurious spot to lounge with your gang! Its five individual pieces can be mixed and matched in different configurations that will fit in any and every space (tip— in small spaces, create an L-shape that can get tucked into tight corners).

Surf through Sundays’ entire collection of sectionals to see modular sofas of all shapes and sizes.


Credit: Floyd

From individual pieces to entire configurations, Floyd has an extensive modular sofa collection to browse through while finding your best match. We love Floyd’s three-piece form sectional; it is sleek in build and has a minimalist appearance. In terms of functionality, this setting allows you to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee — or lay back and get lost in your favorite book. Plus, it comes a vast variety of colors, giving you the option to choose a hue that goes with your interior design theme.

West Elm

Credit: West Elm

Supreme comfort at a reasonable price comes with the sectional sofas at West Elm. You can find so many different colors, sizes, and even shapes! With the Harmony Chaise sectional featured above, you can expect extra deep seats that are meant for you to sink in and simply relax. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of colors and fabrics, so your modular sofa is completely customized to your home interior.

Tip— if you’re looking for a more flowy approach to your modular, consider the Laurent Wedge Chaise sectional. Its organic curves make for a unique addition to any interior (also why this sofa makes it to West Elm’s best sellers).

Other Places to Buy a Modular Sofa

Apart from the online retailers we listed above, here’s where you can find a modular sofa of your choice:

  • Furniture stores/showrooms

  • Custom furniture designers

  • Home decor boutiques

  • Vintage stores

  • Social media marketplaces

With so many options, where to buy a modular sofa all boils down to the style (and budget) you’re looking for!

Final Words

Think about your current expectations from the sectional, and take the time to surf through your various options. Think once again before purchasing — because your sectional will be growing (and moving) with you 🤍


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