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Living Room Gallery Wall Ideas

Updated: May 7

Living rooms are a hub for socializing — a space to bond with family over a movie night, entertain guests on a special occasion, simply unwind with your favorite book on a cozy evening, and so much more.

Owing to its importance, the heart of your home deserves to be designed and decorated with all the extra planning and attention. While functional items, like furniture and lighting, are essential, the elements that enhance the aesthetics, like the color scheme and the artwork, play an equally important role. So, we’re here to inspire your interior design with the best living room gallery wall ideas that are sure to spruce up your living room by adding an extra punch of personality and interest.

Why Does Your Living Room Need a Gallery Wall?

Gallery walls are a beautiful way to express your personality and aesthetic sense with a personalized and unique touch. They help introduce visual appeal to boring areas like a hallway, laundry room, or powder room by adorning the blank walls.

Creating a gallery wall is a smart way to utilize vertical space and introduce an extra layer of color, dimension, and texture. The best part? They complement and complete any design style, from eclectic and modern to minimal and traditional.

How to Design A Gallery Wall Layout?

There are no boundaries or strict rules for gallery wall layouts, but guiding your decisions with suggestions from professionals can always help. A good rule of thumb is to lay out the picture frames on the ground to visualize what they’d look like on the wall. Start with the largest piece in the center and surround it with the other pieces while maintaining balance and visual flow from one frame to the next. Also, try varying the sizes and switching up the vertical and horizontal positioning.

Another technique to figure out the best gallery wall layout is to trace all your frames on a large Kraft paper, cut them out, and tape them on the wall. Move around the pieces to find the perfect configuration, and then use the paper template to find the right position to install nails. We suggest hanging wall art at eye level, around 5 feet above the floor.

Ideas For A Living Room Gallery Wall

Apart from the layout, there’s a lot more to consider and decide on. So stick with us as we unfold all the sure-fire living room gallery wall ideas!

Pick A Theme

Credit: Love To Know

Though wall art comes with great flexibility in terms of picking the color, design, and texture, it is always a good idea to work around a chosen theme to create a cohesive look. A gallery wall incorporates a plethora of different designs, so viewing the overall space to decide on a particular theme is always helpful.

Begin with taking a look around the living room to understand the existing design style. You can then inspire the gallery wall with a similar theme. It is also recommended to follow the 60-30-10 rule by applying the accent shade of your chosen color palette through the gallery wall. This pulls the look together and allows the artwork to stand out as a stunning focal point.

Opt for Abstract Art

Credit: Real Simple

Living room wall art doesn’t have to be restricted to pictures and scenery. Organic lines and shapes can give the interior a sleek look that attracts the eye without appearing too overwhelming. To add a kick of excitement, use brush strokes and paint splatters for a clean and fun look.

Utilize the Staircase

For living rooms with stairs, the empty staircase wall can be used as a unique way to create a family photo gallery. Pair frames in different sizes and use a souvenir, a postcard, or a letter from a loved one to spice up the collection.

Get Creative with A Floating Gallery

Ditch the ordinary wall art hung on hooks and get creative with a floating gallery wall. This not only adds a sense of 3-dimensional depth but also brings an interesting element to your living room. For a perfect floating gallery wall, you can order shadowbox frames on Ikea and mount them using card stock or mat board on a picture ledge installed over the couch.

Use Slogan Art

Credit: Design Cafe

Art isn’t all about print and pattern. Giving your guests inspirational messages with textural prints added to your gallery wall is a fun way to get a bit candid and inject a wave of excitement. From using cheeky words and trendy slogans to showcasing your favorite quotes, the choice depends entirely on your creative juices!

Stay Neutral

Credit: Poster Store

Neutrals are considered one of the timeless interior decor trends. When mixing different prints and designs in varied sizes, a neutral color palette will help create a sleek and well-thought-out gallery wall. This also allows the limelight to be captured by a different feature in the living room, like a mantle or a statement furniture piece.

Beige, cream, and grey are all good options. You can also use pastels or other neutrals that go well with your living room decor.

Enhance Space with A Mirror Gallery Wall

Credit: Shop Velcro

Small living rooms are limited in square footage, making decorating a challenge. So why not look for a 2-in-1 option, like a mirror gallery wall, that adorns the space while creating the illusion of a larger room?

Look for mirrors in different styles with fancy frames and determine the best strategic position for the gallery wall. If, for example, the wall opposite the couch has a window, hanging mirrors over the couch is a good idea to reflect and spread as much natural light as possible.

Final Words

Living room gallery wall ideas are a simple yet super-effective way to uplift the interior in no time — and the good news is that there are no strict rules. You can experiment and play around with different styles and ideas to create something that complements your living room interior design and fits your aesthetic.

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