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Corner Sectionals for Every Design Style

A corner sectional is a stylish combination of form and function. Be it a small apartment lounge, a luxury mansion’s opulent living room, or a glamorous hotel suite, corner sectionals have the power to introduce a touch of class to the overall interior design. 

However, styling a corner sectional can come as a challenge. With the immense attention these big furniture pieces grab, they can easily make or break the overall interior. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this article: to guide you in choosing the best piece, understanding the perfect way to place it, and figuring out the most complementary accessories to decorate it with. 

Understanding Corner Sectionals 

Corner sectionals, like regular sectionals, are large, bulky pieces of furniture that come with two parts to be joined in a corner of the living room. Having detached pieces, sectionals allow users to create unique configurations for different interiors. 

A corner sectional is typically made up of:

  • A three-seat cushion sofa part

  • A two-seat loveseat part

  • A single cushion square-connector part 

  • A chaise piece 

Tips to Style A Room with A Corner Sectional 

Styling a corner sectional takes you over a multitude of avenues — and with that in mind, we’ve compiled a few areas to think about when decorating. 

Position the Sectional Perfectly 

When working with corner sectionals, it is essential to pay attention to space maximization. The positioning of the sofa should be such that the final result looks seamless without any awkward loops left here and there. We’d recommend going for an L-shape, where the chaise and the long section of the sofa extend against each wall that meets at the corner. 

Choose the Right Color 

Tie together the living room decor with a sectional sofa that complements the overall theme. For a dramatic look, you can opt for a bold sofa hue, like the Cuboid Corduroy Sectional Sofa. If you want to reduce the overpowering impact of the sofa — both in terms of size and color — look for a neutral hue that blends in with the rest of the color palette. 

Sprinkle in the Right Accessories 

Balance the Look with Side Tables 

Strategically positioning sectional side tables will bring symmetry to the room. It also improves functionality by providing an aesthetic surface to place lamps, books, mugs, etc. 

Consider Room Flow 

Efficient flow across a living room means the space will be packed with functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. The ideas below can help ensure good flow when opting for a corner sectional. 

  • Create zones if the living room is big.

  • Consider the size and scale of the sectional.

  • Maintain visual continuity by choosing a corner that complements the overall layout.

  • Consider the traffic flow of the room.

3 Ways to Arrange A Sectional Sofa 

Create A Focal Point 

Yes, a sectional can be the focal point even when positioned in the corner of the room. The key is to implement creative ideas, such as;

  • Place the sectional in a position that naturally grabs attention, like in front of a prominent wall or a window. 

  • Choose a sectional with eye-catching details like tufting or interesting upholstery patterns.

  • Use overhead lighting and floor lamps to draw attention to the sectional. 

  • Arrange furniture around it in a way that draws focus to the sectional. 

Center the Sectional on A Rug 

The easiest way to anchor a corner sectional in a room is to choose a rug that complements the sofa and is big enough to accommodate the entire sectional — or at least the front legs of the sofa. Make sure to leave space for the coffee table and other furniture, like end tables, poufs, and armchairs, such as a Maeve Armchair. This strategy will define the seating area as a cozy space and create a cohesive interior. 

Opt for Individual Seating Modules 

Sectionals like the Sofa Lindau allow each piece of the sectional to be presented as an individual seat. So, instead of connecting the sections together, you can enjoy a high level of flexibility and customization with the layout. By allowing for a more spacious feel, this arrangement works especially great in small living rooms. 

Best Corner Sectionals on the Market 

Credit: Homrest. The sectional is a convertible sofa bed. Additionally, the detached chaise can be used separately as a coffee table or a pouf. It comes in three different colors to match the overall theme. 

Made of plush material and a muted color, the modern linen sectional is perfect for a minimal living room. Spruce up the decor by styling it with metallic accents, like a gold coffee table, and pair it with a comfy area rug in cream. You may keep the walls white and add a splash of color through vibrant artwork and some greenery. 

Credit: Homebody. The sectional is a 7-seater piece made of premium quality and an edgeless design. It comes in different colors, with the seats being moveable to fit the layout of your room.

Black, being a daring choice, is challenging to pull off. Start by selecting the right wall color, preferably a lighter hue, like neutrals and pastels, to create a harmonious backdrop. Embrace accessories in contrasting colors, such as a vibrant pouf or bold throw. Don’t forget to maintain the balance with complementary colors being introduced through artwork and window treatments. Natural elements like big plants and luxurious pieces like silver or gold lamps can further add to the overall vibe. 

Credit: Homary. The seat and back cushions of this 7-seater sectional are filled with high-density foam to ensure extra comfort. The toss pillow and ottoman are included. The sectional’s layout can be customized. 

What’s better than a modern curved sectional that can cut awkward corners in your living room with class? The unique tropical-inspired hue allows the sectional to be the focal point of the room. Pair it with a jute ottoman and a rug, potted plants, and a woven pendant lamp for a coherent, Boho-touch look. A macrame hanging and an oak coffee table will add the final touch to the interior. 

Cutting Corners with Sectional Sofas! 

Corner sectionals not only provide great comfort and aesthetic visual appeal but also optimize space and offer great investment value. Give this multi-functional furniture piece a try to experience its versatility yourself! 


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