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Sofa Table Decor Ideas to Add Style and Storage to Your Living Room

Updated: May 7

small side table behind a beige couch with a vase

Sofa tables are a living room staple—and to make the most of them, we have rounded up some sofa table ideas tailored for your living space.

As the name suggests, a sofa table is a long and narrow table placed behind the sofa. It is used for both decorative and functional purposes—and sometimes, it helps ease the transition between different parts of an open-plan space. When well-decorated, a sofa table makes the space look welcoming, especially when the back of the couch is visible upon entry to the living room. 

But can you use any mix of decor items to make the setting serve the purpose? Not quite. Using a few tips and tricks when decorating can make the decor both practical and beautiful. Below, we’ve summed up 8 foolproof sofa table decor ideas for a functional and stylish interior 🤍

Use Objects of Varying Heights

long side table at the back of the couch

Using decorative objects of similar heights can create a monotonous setup. Add dimension and visual interest to your sofa table decor by introducing variation—and the best way to do this is with items of different heights.

Place a tall vase on one side and a source of light, such as the Global Views brass candle holder, on the other. In the center, use the decorative Dasar bronze tray to display your favorite knickknacks. You can also use a set of coffee table books and prop the stack with a picture frame.

Create More Seating

side table that is used as a bar table

Prefer enjoying dinner while catching up on Netflix? Change up the seating plan in your living room by pairing your sofa table with stools. This provides extra seating space—especially useful if you entertain guests often—paired with a solid surface to enjoy a meal or have a drink. 

For decorative purposes, make sure the color of the stools matches the overall theme of your living room. For example, the Meru counter stool can act as a black accent in a contemporary space while the Azibo woven stool would enhance a Scandinavian or bohemian style going big on natural materials.

Layer Objects and Materials

side table with books

Capturing warmth, character, and a personal touch in your sofa table setting can be done by layering different materials. Add objects of various textures and finishes for the purpose; these can visually expand the decor on your table sofa and create a welcoming view for anyone walking into the living room.

Let’s think of it this way: the Ashana tray brings natural sandstone, the Terranova vase adds a hint of ceramics, while the Veeha candleholders make for the perfect glass addition. What’s more—all items are of different sizes and shapes, putting together a coherent yet varying setting.

Consider Symmetry

symmetrical couch table

If you’re after a traditional look, keep the overall look of your sofa table decor symmetrical. Place identical table lamps on either end of the console table (the Hudson Valley Penonic lamp is a great minimalist pick!), and use a tray or basket in the center.

In contrast, if you’re seeking a modern look, think in odd numbers to create a visually appealing display. The Zoli candle holders come in a set of 3; cluster them together or place them across the sofa table for a contemporary setting.

Add Storage

side table with storage

Credit: Home Depot

If you don’t have enough built-in storage compartments in your living room—no problem! Avail double duty from your sofa table by adding wicker baskets for storage.

For a luxury statement, the Mercado storage cube makes for a great handwoven basket to store essentials, such as throws and blankets. Incorporate one to three, depending on your available space. If you’re looking to store throw pillows—simply stacking them on top of one another next to a basket will do the trick while doubling as decor.

Display Memories and Passions

side table with photographs

Want to display memories but not a fan of a gallery wall? Your sofa table is where to look. Frame your favorite memories—in differently-sized, interesting photo frames—and display them on your sofa table.

You can also display other souvenirs you’ve collected over the years. Or perhaps some of your passions, such as your favorite plant—bonus points if it’s in the stunning Paseo tabletop planter. If you love glass vases, the Sitara glass vase is a great pick, while the Vati vase is a beautiful, organically-shaped piece for unique decor lovers.

Make a Cohesive Side Table

cohesive sofa table with plants

If your sofa table delineates different spaces in an open-floor plan, aim to make the setup cohesive. For example, a sofa table between the living room and dining area should be one that is similar in style to the dining table (without being too matchy-matchy). Simultaneously, the tabletop decor should pick elements from the overall living room style—so it’s a mix of both areas it joins. This creates flow and joins different spaces in an open-floor plan coherently.

Keep it Light and Natural

modern side table with a lamp and beads

If you’re worried about a sofa table adding clutter to your space, stick to a light and elegant setup that doesn’t dominate the decor. Pale wood tones for the table will give a breezy feel—especially when paired with light-hued lamps and decor items. One of our favorites is the Herald narrow console; it has a light-wooden build as well as drawers for storage.

Final Words

Your sofa table has the capacity to enhance the decor of your space (spaces if it’s an open-floor plan!), so think wisely and brainstorm before curating a setting. We’re here for practicality and aesthetics—so balance the best of both worlds for a stylish as well as functional space.

P.S—Don’t forget to adorn your couch, too! Here are our top couch decorating ideas to pair with your sofa table ✨


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