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How to Style Throw Blankets on the Couch - Comprehensive Guide

Updated: May 7

a tan couch with orange throw blanket in a modern living room

Adding a throw blanket to your couch means you can curl up with a warm cover when you’re in for a quick snooze—or while diving into your favorite book. But that’s not it!

Throw blankets also enhance the aesthetics of your living room, and make it to one of the top couch decorating ideas. Not only do they add to the coziness of the space, but also provide the opportunity to add plenty of colors and textures. However, to make the most of their decorative presence, it’s important to drape them the right way. (It’s much more than simply tossing them onto the sofa).

Keep reading as we share our favorite ideas to style throw blankets on the couch, and be sure to keep an eye out for our top picks in throw blankets 🤍

Psst—If you’re looking to upgrade your couch before draping a throw, here are the top 2024 couch trends to keep in mind.

7 Ways to Style Throw Blankets 

Fold Over the Arm

homey living room with couch throws

For a clean aesthetic—and a super easy method of styling—consider folding your throw blanket over the couch arm. To style, fold your throw blanket twice lengthwise (fold once, then again). Then, fold it once widthwise. You can now hang it over the arm of your couch. If it has a decorative edge, such as a fringe, make sure it hangs freely off the sofa. Tip: Make sure the hanging end doesn’t go too low. It should sit a good few inches above the floor.

Drape Over the Back

white linen couch with red throw blankets

Credit: A_flann

When you’re folding a blanket to drape over the back of the sofa, a pro tip is ensuring the edges are folds (instead of the actual edge of the blanket). You can fold it in thirds or fourths—depending on the width you wish to achieve. Proceed to drape the folded blanket over the back, allowing it to fall over the front of the back cushion all the way on to the seat. If your couch has legs, you can allow the blanket to extend down the front of the couch. If it has a skirted base, we recommend stopping on the seat.

Create a Cozy Setting

chunky crochet throw over a couch

Credit: HerrHome

For a cozy sofa setting, casually drape the throw blanket (preferably folded once lengthwise) over one arm and the back of the couch. Allow it to extend onto the seat as well. Bonus points if the throw blanket peeks from behind a collection of throw pillows. To ensure the look is cozy, open up the fold a little as the blanket cascades from the back and play around with the folds.

If you prefer tidy instead of cozy, keep the blanket folded all the way throughout.

Drape Over the Arm and Seat

living room with a couch and blanket throws

This method is similar to the cozy setting, but is adjusted for low-profile couches. If your sofa has a low back, drape the throw blanket over the arm, across the front, and slightly down the seat. With a low-profile sofa, allowing the blanket to cascade across the front a little helps keep the setting organic—and keeps it from looking too horizontal.

Put it Over the Footsie

velvet blue throw over a couch chaise

Credit: Kindandabell

If you have a modular couch with a chaise, style the foot with a throw blanket. Achieve the purpose by folding it lengthwise into quarters, then dropping it and spreading diagonally over the chaise. A chunky knit blanket would be a great pick for such use.

Top Throw Blankets for the Couch

If you’re looking for the perfect pieces to adorn the couches in your home, you’ve landed the right spot! Below, we list the top throw blankets to use for your couch, along with links to purchase them.

Harlow Henry Alpaca Throw

natural alpaca throw blanket

If you’re looking for a piece to fold over the couch arm, this blanket is the perfect pick. It makes a minimalist statement—especially considering it’s fringe. It is a designer’s dream and super comfortable when it comes to snuggling in.

La Lena Luxe Alpaca Throw

luxe alpaca throw

Looking to add plenty of texture? This alpaca throw can serve the purpose. Its muted tone allows its textural patterns to make a statement in your living room—adding an incredibly cozy vibe. This is especially useful for Scandi-style and minimalist interiors where textures make or break the space.

Alto Luxe Alpaca Throw

checkered beige alpaca throw

Patterns in a throw blanket can add a punch of visual interest to your space—perfectly achieved with the herringbone pattern of this luxury throw. It’s also extra plush, making the perfect item to wrap around when sipping on your hot cocoa.

Leonardo Lambskin Throw

real lamb skin throw

Make a luxury statement in your interior with this plush lambskin throw! It is dip-dyed for a subtle ombre appearance that brings a dynamic effect to the piece. If you want your throw blanket to turn heads—and spark conversations—this is the piece

Global Views Velvet Parlor Throw

red throw over a red couch

A punch of bold color can be added with this beautiful red throw blanket. Its quilted velvet adds a luxury touch to the interior, while its vibrant color creates a design statement. Plus, it has a fringe in case you wish to drape it over the sofa arm 😉

Final Words

When styling your throw blanket on the couch, ask yourself:

  • Do you want a casual drape or folded drape? The former is less put-together and appears less formal, while the latter gives a more sophisticated look. You can decide which one you want based on the overall design of your living room.

  • Which part of the sofa do you want to drape the throw blanket on? This could be over the back, the arm, just on the seat, and more. If you have a defective part on the sofa, now is the time to think about concealing it!

Once you’ve done all the brainstorming, you can curate a throw blanket style that complements your living room—and provides the comfort you’re looking for ✨


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