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Couch Trends 2024: The Future of Comfort is Cozy and Chic

Updated: May 7

luxurious living room with 2024 design trends

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter your living room?

Most likely, the couch.

Whether you prefer a gray sectional or a maroon Chesterfield, your sofa takes up a big chunk of the visual real estate in your living room. This also makes it one of the best places to try out a new trend — switch up that one piece, and you can make your space all the more trendy.

As we close out the year and look towards 2024, interior design trends are becoming a hot topic of discussion. Keep reading to learn all about the best couch trends 2024 — you’ll be adding these styles to your wishlist!

1. Curved Forms

The upcoming year is taking a shift towards more fluid, organic shapes. This means trading sharp edges with softer silhouettes (read, gentle curves in your couches). These curved shapes not only add a sophisticated feel to the home but also incorporate a hint of glamor. They add the retro feel — a vibe somewhere from the 60s.

According to designers, some couches won’t have a single straight edge on them — all you’ll see are rounded curves. From crescents and retro-inspired shells to fully rounded ‘islands’, there are plenty of sofa models that seamlessly incorporate this trend.

2. Low-Profile Couches

Credit: Mojuraa

If you’re running low on space, good news! The low-profile couches coming into trend in 2024 will be your savior. Because they sit low with the floor, such pieces can create the illusion that we have more wall space than we do — making the room appear bigger (and, with ample light, brighter!). They also add luxury to the space, competing with pieces from high-end brands.

Additionally, low-profile pieces add to the 70s lounge vibe we were achieving with curved forms. In fact, opting for a low-profile couch with curves will provide double (design) duty.

3. Fluted Pieces

Credit: House & Hold

We’ve seen fluting becoming popular in interior design — and it is now making its way to the couch trends 2024. While the fluted (also called the ‘channel tufted’) couch may have its roots in mid-century design, it is evolving with a contemporary flair, and we’re here for it!

The vertical stripes of channel tufting bring texture to your couch. We’d like to call it a softer version of the Chesterfield sofa, with its curves and textures easily creating a focal point in the space. As such, this 2024 trend can add elegance and functionality to your living room interior.

4. Rich and Saturated Colors

Credit: 25 Home

If you’ve been eyeing oatmeals and greys for your future couches, 2024 is about to challenge you to the other side of the color wheel. Designers are foreseeing rich and saturated colors making their way to the couch — and those good ol’ muted tones walking out the door.

Specifically, jewel tones are predicted to have their moment. Our top picks are sapphire, ruby, and emerald for the couch. But these sure are daring color choices — and you’d have to carefully adapt the rest of the decor so the couch can stand out and create a statement instead of overwhelming the space. (Jewel tones work great with natural woods, so if you have a wooden floor, 2024 is the year for your bold-hued sofa to shine!)

green tufted sofa

Tip— If you’re afraid of a bold color selection, consider getting a bright-hued slipcover instead (you can choose from one of these types). Slipcovers are easy to change when you wish.

5. Small-Scale Patterns

couch set with small-scale pattern in blue and white

While homeowners do incorporate patterns, they usually play it safe (looking at you, minimalist stripes). But 2024 encourages you to take that challenge and go big—actually, small—on patterns!

Let bold and bitsy prints make their way to your couch; they’ll add so much style and class, and if you keep them small-scale, won’t pose as much of a risk. While you can opt for a fully patterned couch to make a head-turning statement, adding patterned cushions to a solid sofa can make for a subtler way to achieve the purpose.

6. Fluffy Upholstery

Credit: Alchemy Home

Velvet is taking a step back in couch trends 2024, with high-pile, shearling and boucle upholstery taking center stage. Sheepskin is a great pick for couch upholstery — it brings such coziness to the living room, turning it into a comfy space perfect for relaxing. Simultaneously, it diversifies the textures used, making the ambiance more inviting.

white modern sofa in boucle fabric

Plus, sheepskin is known for regulating temperature by trapping air in its fibers. So, if you’re looking to snuggle up on the couch watching Christmas movies in January (we’re all guilty of it!), the fluffy upholstery trend will do you good.

Chunky Sectionals

Credit: Mojuraa

While modular sofas have been around for quite some time, they’re going to be equally—if not more—popular in 2024. Chunky sectional modular sofas are poised to dominate the interior design scene in 2024, offering a perfect blend of comfort and contemporary aesthetics. The trend is expected to appeal to those seeking both style and functionality, making chunky sectional modular sofas a sought-after choice for modern living spaces.

This owes to the versatility they offer; sectional sofas can actually grow with you! Put together two pieces in a small apartment, and add on another when you move to a house (or grow your family). Double the ottoman piece as extra seating, or use it as a coffee table. Because these couches provide a bang for your buck, they’re entering 2024 with a bang!

Credit: Homebody

If you’ve been on the hunt for a modular that fits your style, here are some of the best places to purchase yours.

Final Words

Insights into couch trends 2024 reveal that the couches we’ll see in homes in the upcoming year will be more than just seating spaces. They’ll create a statement of their own — impressing the eye of visitors and becoming conversation starters! You can choose the trends you love best and look for them in your new piece… We’re sure you’ll love your new cozy and chic couch aligning with the trends of the upcoming year.


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