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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing & Styling 5-Piece Sectionals 

Updated: May 7

Extending seating space? A 5-piece sectional has you covered. Optimizing comfort? Bring in a 5-piece sectional. Hunting a space-efficient solution? A 5-piece sectional will do the job. 

Welcome to the world of functionality, comfort, and style, where 5-piece sectional sofas are dramatically elevating the experience of lounging and unwinding. 

Carrying great versatility in design, incredible practicality, and amazing investment value, 5-piece sections are a practical choice for almost every home. However, the limitless options in the local and online markets make it challenging to pick the best option — and keeping that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top X 5-piece sectionals with ideas on how to style them. So, let’s jump right in! 

Average Dimensions: 176"W x 66"D x 29"H

Colors Available: Beige, Ivory, Natural, Green, Grey

The sectional is made of two pieces that can be either joined or separated, depending on the required layout. Its curved shape makes it the perfect choice for a Japandi interior, where the sofa’s circular shape depicts the sculptural forms of the Japanese design and the square-shaped cushions nod to the clean lines of a Scandi interior.  

How to Style: Though the 5-piece sectional is quite spacious, adding extra seating with Jordan armchairs will create a dynamic look and enhance the overall practicality of the living room. Complete the look with minimal wall art and a Noah coffee table presenting your favorite books and vases. 

Store: Homebody

Average dimensions: 45”W x 39”D x 37”H

Colors Available: Beige, 2 shades of white, 2 shades of grey, black, two-tone (beige and white)

A 5-seat sectional with a recliner, or even better, 4 recliners? Yup, the coconut sectional brings the dream to reality! The plush cushions contribute to comfort, and the linen and coconut fiber make it functional and easy to clean in large families where spills and messes are common. 

How to Style: Create a moody atmosphere with the grey coconut section, roll out a grey faux fur rug, and add a 2-set gold and glass coffee table. Hang a set of wavy mirror wall tiles to create the illusion of more space, and install a fancy chandelier for a head-turning statement. 

Store: Homary

Average dimensions: 116”W x 70”D x 31”H

Colors Available: White 

Affordable and fancy, together? Homary makes sure to give its clients the best product at the best price. Featuring diamond tufting details, microfiber upholstery, and seat padding with high density, the 5-seat sectional introduces multifaceted texture to the interior and delivers great comfort and durable performance to the users. 

How to Style: Design your dream art-deco home with Homary’s white corner sectional positioned in front of a stunning black accent wall. Bring in a nested sintered stone coffee table, a black marble side table, and a white tufted pouf for a harmonious and balanced space. Complement the rugs and window treatments with the wall color to tie the look together. 

Tip: You can save up to 50% if you shop the entire look from Homary! 

Store: Mojuraa

Average Dimensions: 36"L x 26"D x 20"H

Colors Available: Gray and Tan

Made of a solid hardwood frame to provide lasting strength and one of the strongest natural fibers, linen, the 5-seat transformer sectional is set to give you a product that will last you for years. The sofa comes with 100% tool-free assembly, and the design offers a reversible chaise that allows the layout to be mixed up whenever needed. 

How to Style: The sofa’s deep grey color reflecting a moody undertone is perfect for the minimal color schemes of contemporary and Scandinavian interiors. A sleek console table adorned with unique decoration pieces, a bamboo planter with a statement-making green friend, and a sizeable wall hanging in a contrasting color to the overall palette will add the finishing touch to the look. 

Average Dimensions: 120.00"W x 67.00"D x 30.00"H

Colors Available: Bennett Moon, Bennett Charcoal, Oak Sand

The 5-seat sectional sofa offers the best of both worlds, combining the durability of leather with the comfort of the fabric. It showcases clean, simple lines and a solid black iron base to keep things chic. The detachable chaise makes sure the sofa can be configured according to your layout. 

How to Style: The minimal vibe of the Grammercy sofa provides the freedom to play around with the rest of the decor without overpowering the room. You can experiment with chunky pieces like a half-sphere coffee table, a wood-framed armchair, and a wooden console table. A geometric metal side table on both sides will balance the look. 

Store: Homary

Average Dimensions: 51.2"W x 23.6"D x 17.7"H

Colors Available: Khaki

Thanks to its versatility and functionality, a 5-piece sectional can elevate your patio in no time. The Rapipie Outdoor Sectional is a set of 2 double sofas, 1 corner sofa, and 1 coffee table. The lovely braided rope design on the arms is highly water-resistant and adds to the beauty of the product. 

How to Style: Featuring a Boho design, the outdoor sectional can be combined with a pergola, side tables, plants, and soft furnishings, like cushions and throws, to create a one-of-a-kind ambiance. Don’t forget to install good lighting to extend your time outdoors. 

Should I Buy A 5-Piece Sectional Sofa?

Sectionals are great investments — both in terms of the money they demand when purchasing and the impact they create when presented at home. So, before diving into the market, take your time to understand which option works best for you.  

The first decision you’re faced with is picking the right size — and if you’re planning on buying a 5-piece sectional sofa, here’s what you need to consider to determine whether it’s the right option for you. 

  • The available space. Can the area fit a 5-piece sectional? 

  • Your seating needs. How many people typically use the seating area?

  • The configuration options. Does the 5-piece sectional offer flexibility in configuration?

  • Cost considerations. Does the sofa align with your budget?

  • Future needs. Will your family grow in the near future?

Final Words 

5-piece sectionals are super practical furniture items that effortlessly uplift a space — especially if styled correctly. Once you’ve picked the best option on the market, it’s time to use your creative eye to beautifully blend the piece into your home. 

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