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The All-in-One Guide to Cordless Table Lamps

Updated: May 7

Done with those extension cords? So was I—and then I found cordless table lamps. Truly a godsend!

A cordless table lamp doesn’t need to be connected to a power source to work. Instead, it gets its power from a (rechargeable) battery. This means no more unsightly wires. And no more being tethered to an electrical outlet 😉

Keep reading for your all-in-one guide to cordless table lamps, including some of my top picks to purchase!

Benefits of Cordless Table Lamps

Using a cordless table lamp comes with so many benefits!

They’re So Convenient

A cordless table lamp is a cozy, portable light source. You can take it wherever you’re headed—whether it’s your study, bedroom, or front porch. It can even be your lighting source for your camping trips.

They’re Super Functional

Because cordless lamps use the latest technology, they come with some super cool features. For example, auto-off timers and adjustable lightness levels to make sure you’re experience is tailored to your needs.

They Have Sleek Designs

Cordless table lamps have sleek designs (especially because they eliminate those ugly wires). They’re often made from high-quality materials and can easily add to the overall aesthetic of your space.

They’re Energy Efficient

Cordless table lamps typically use LED light bulbs. These consume almost 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts. Also, rechargeable batteries mean that you can charge the same batteries over and over again—without having to replace them.

Best Cordless Table  Lamps

Below, I’ve put together my favorite cordless table lamps for you. They’ll add to the aesthetics—and provide a customized lighting experience!

Flowerpot VP9 Portable Table Lamp

The Flowerpot is frankly my favorite. It is sleek in build (and was inspired by peace and love). Its compact size means you can carry it along to your outdoor table setting, in your bedroom nook, on a camping trip, and so on. 

The lamp comes in several different colors, including white, pink, and green. It can be charged using a magnetic USB cable or a (separately sold) charging base. And when fully charged, it will last you for 10 hours.

Melt Portable Black LED

It doesn’t get any more unique than this! The Tom Dixon portable LED is so cool—it’ll be a showstopper in your space. The hot-blown glass top looks like a melting glacier (or perhaps somewhere deep in space). The lamp can last 10 hours when fully charged, and its portability makes it incredibly functional. 

If you’re looking for an imperfect, organic, and naturalistic lighting object—this one will be your best match!

FollowMe Portable Table Lamp

The perfect romantic light is cast by the FollowMe table lamp. It is petite and portable, so you can use it to illuminate your outdoor dinner nights in the backyard. Plus, it creates this sense of comfort and character, making for the perfect source of illumination in your bedroom. This lamp is dimmable, with a battery time of 5 hours at peak power and 20 hours at quarter power.

The cherry on the cake? This lamp comes in 5 color options, so you can choose the one that fits your interior best.

Dancing Flame LED Table Lamp

A budget-friendly homeowner’s pick would be this dancing flame table lamp for under $100. It mimics the flicker of a candle (minus the fire hazard), and hence its name. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or casual happy hour, this table lamp can create just the right cozily festive vibe.

The battery usage time for this lamp is 10 hours. It is charged with a USB cable (charging station included).

Battery LED Table Lamp

Is your space lacking that high-end feeling? Incorporate a touch of luxury with this crystal table lamp! It is actually made out of high-grade plastic (recycled/upcycled), but looks just like a high-end piece of crystal in your home. The lamp beautifully diffuses light throughout the space and can make for a useful (and romantic) light source whenever you need it.

Plus, it comes in 6 different color variations. Each color diffuses light in the color of its shade. If you’re hosting a party, differently-colored lamps can make for a great ambiance.

Helpful Tips

Your cordless table lamp can last you for years if you use it with care; here are some helpful tips to keep in mind in that regard.

Optimizing Battery Life

Never forget to charge your lamp! Most lamps have an indicator that lets you know when they’re low on battery. That’s when you want to charge them—before the battery gets completely depleted. You can also extend the battery life of your lamp by using it at dim light setting. This is because lower light settings use less power (and last longer). Also, this may sound obvious, but be sure to switch your lamp off when not in use. 

Note that lamps with USB charging ports are great for trips. This is because you can charge them from your power bank (or even laptop) when needed.

Consider the Weight and Size

If you plan to take your lamp with you on camping trips and other outdoor locations, you want the size to be nice and compact. One that can easily fit in your travel bags. For use at home, any sized lamp will do.

Final Words

Portable lighting has never been this easy. Cordless table lamps are portable and sleek—and can be carried wherever you go! You can also keep them as an emergency light source when the power goes out. Just be sure to charge them on time, and your cordless table lamp will last you for years 🤍



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