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The 9 Best Reclining Couches: Shop Our Top Picks

Whether watching your favorite show or curling up with a book, your go-to spot is probably the couch. And to sit back and enjoy these activities at angles you’re comfortable at can’t be achieved with every traditional sofa—if you’re looking for accessible living room comfort, a reclining couch is the way to go. You can sit up straight, lean back and relax, or even lie down on your recliner.

Reclining couches come in a variety of colors, upholstery fabrics, and dimensions; the right piece should complement your home’s style and meet your functional as well as space needs. In this article, we round up the 9 best reclining couches that suit a wide array of requirements; keep an eye out for the one that fits your preferences!

*Note that the prices quoted are those at the time of publishing and may vary depending on when you view/purchase the couch.

Best Overall: Ultra Lounge Square Arm Upholstered Reclining Sofa

If you’re looking for the absolute best reclining couch, take our word on this one! The Ultra Lounge Reclining Sofa comes in 6 fabric choices (excluding leather) and 28 color variations—so it can virtually complement every interior design style. Pottery Barn also offers free swatches; you can order these to help you decide before your final selection.

This couch seats three people (there’s also a 5-seater recliner sectional from the same collection if you’re looking for a bigger piece), with each seat having its own reclining footrest and headrest. As you tilt back a seat, it moves forward to save floor space. This means you can place the recliner against the wall, and it’ll work perfectly.

Most Affordable: Serta Princeton Modern Sofa Bed

For those on a budget, the Serta Princeton Modern Sofa is the best affordable reclining couch. It is currently available at Walmart for a little over $200. Available in three different shades of blue, this couch is suitable if you’re looking for a bold-hued accent piece. It also features pull-down drink trays, a power station, and multiple USB ports.

You can recline the seats backward to form a bed, which is convenient for lying down. That would, however, require some extra floor space towards the back of the couch.

Best for Kids and Pets: Coburn Two Piece Motion Sofa

View on Arhaus for $3500

Families with kids and pets are always looking for stain-resistant fabric couches—if you’re in the same boat, this Coburn Two Piece Sofa is your best fit! This piece has heavy-duty upholstery which is stain, moisture and odor-resistant. All of that, while being incredibly soft and comfortable.

With this durable piece, you no longer have to worry about your kids and pets reducing the lifespan of your stunning loveseat. Simply use a mild detergent solution to clean off stains, and your sofa will be as good as new.

Most Compact: Annchen Upholstered Reclining Loveseat

Decorating a small home or apartment? The Annchen Club Recliner is super cute—and affordable, too! This reclining sofa is great for small spaces and doesn’t take much time to assemble. We especially love how its button-tufted upholstery and beechwood legs create a modern look, while its 4 color variations mean you can choose the (neutral or blue) hue you prefer.

Best Leather Material: Braymor Power Reclining Sofa

View on Abysson for $1995

The leather lover’s pick should be this Braymor Power Reclining Sofa. You’ll love its top-grain leather upholstery, which is available in gray and camel color variations. It has a power recline mechanism—meaning the backrests and footrests can be adjusted individually.

This recliner’s attractive appearance, smooth power reclining, and two USB ports make it a great pick, even if it's slightly pricey. Plus, it’s ready to ship and can return within 30 days.

Most Contemporary: Talin Grey Power Reclining Sofa with Adjustable Headrest

While traditional recliners may appear old-fashioned, this Talin Grey Power Reclining Sofa says otherwise. It features a super sleek, low profile that single-handedly adds a contemporary style to your space. Because it sits low with the floor, this piece can create the illusion of more space in a compact room.

The wide and flat armrests provide a natural spot to place remote controls—or grab a quick/temporary seat. When folded, it looks like a standard raised couch.

Best Technological: Serena Taupe Leather Power Reclining Sofa

Dreaming of getting pampered in a spa? Bring the dream to reality—within the comfort of your home—with this Serena Leather Power Reclining Sofa. Its massaging and heating seats (and their various setting to fit your preferences) can conveniently be managed with remote controls. The seats are also reclined electronically.

You can get lumbar support with the seats; this relieves the back muscles after a long day at work. You can also find a discreet dropdown console with an overhead light (near the middle seat)—perfect for diving into your favorite book.

Most Plush: Leisure Power Recliner Sofa

Sacrificing style for comfort? Nope. Get the best of aesthetics and functionality with this Leisure Power Recliner sofa. It features boucle upholstery that adds visual interest to your space while being incredibly soft to touch. The seamless design and concealed power buttons of this piece mean you can operate the controls without anyone knowing—making it a truly comfy yet stylish choice.

Best Sectional: Clonmel 3-Piece Power Reclining Sectional

Looking for something larger? This Clonmel recliner sectional with a chaise is a great pick. It features power controls that lower the backrests (and extend the footrests) on one end. The other side features a chaise, so you already have a footrest—perfect to lay back and relax on.

This piece is also a wall-hugging recliner, so you can place it just a few inches from the wall. However, you’d want to measure the piece (and your available space) to make sure the chaise fits well.

Tip: This reclining sectional is also great for a home theater. Reclining and adjustable features are one of the top things to look for in couches suitable for movie rooms—and when complemented with a chaise, make for just the perfect pick.

Final Words

When buying a reclining couch, pay attention to the size so it fits your space and make sure the upholstery material suits your lifestyle—here’s a quick buying guide to check out before you get to it 😀


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