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The 5 Best Pit Sectionals for Lounging

A piece of furniture that is equally inviting as is head-turning… we’re here for it!

Pit sectionals are statement furniture pieces. They draw the eye—and form a cozy place for your family to lounge all day. Whether you’re hosting a movie night at home or simply looking to relax after work, a pit sectional is one of the best investments to make for your comfort.

A pit sectional is usually made from modular couch pieces that can be reconfigured into the shape of a bed. So, it can adapt to your needs: a formal sectional for events and a bed for cozy get-togethers.

Below, we list our top picks for the 5 best pit sectionals out there. Browse through to find the one that matches your needs best!

*Note that the prices quoted are the current deals offered at the time of publishing. They may vary depending on when you view the product(s).

Alchemy Fine Home Four Hands Set

Price: $3,899

With this modular sofa, you can put together a range of configurations. But we’re tempted to feature a petite setup with a contemporary design. Our idea for this pit sofa is a mix of the Four Hands pieces, including the 2 pc right arm facing sectional featured above, the large ottoman in the front center, and the armless piece towards the front left. This will give you optimal space covering 6 soft cushions—perfect for your loved ones to sit back and relax. And the options to customize mean you can put together a configuration that works best for your family.

So, if you have a small space (but don't want to have to settle for anything other than a super cozy pit sofa), this is your best bet!

Homerest 6-Seater Modular Sectional Sofa Reversible Sofa 

Price: $1,149

Shop: Homrest

If you’re looking to snag a good deal, it surely can’t get any better than this! This large 6-seater originally sits as a contemporary sectional with a chaise at one end. And, when rearranged, can transform into a pit sectional, as featured in the image above. As a bonus, the sofa also offers plenty of storage space, and the backrests are adjustable. Snagging this piece for the current promotional price of $1,149 is a steal!

In terms of convenience, assembling (and res-assembling) this modular is a breeze. And you can also remove the cushion covers to wash them as needed. However, the sofa legs are made of plastic, so it may not be suitable for bigger, heavier families.

HomeBody Evening Fog 4 Seat Sectional 

Price: $7,970 

Shop: HomeBody

For those seeking ultimate comfort, this sectional will be the dream pick! It does come with a heftier price tag, but it tops our list in terms of quality and comfort. We love the versatility of Homebody’s configurations. You can choose from 7 color/fabric choices and add 0 to 4 reclining pieces. There are also plenty of options in terms of configuration, so you can put together a pit sofa that is as big or small as you prefer.

We’ve quoted the price for the sectional featured above, however, you can contact them with a request for your custom configuration for a pit sectional—and they’ll be happy to assist.

Velvet Modular Pit Sectional Sofa Set Convertible

Price: $3,399

Shop: Homary

This sectional features high-quality velvet that lets you sink right into its softness. The pit configuration makes enough room for family, blankets, and snacks. And when placed as a sectional, it creates an incredibly modern look. So, if you’ve been looking to add a statement configuration to your sofa setting while keeping the color palette minimal, this is the piece! It also adds plenty of texture to the space. 

If you’re looking to create a color statement in your living room, they also offer the same pit sectional in orange. And the good part is that this one is currently 50% off at $2,899.

Mojuraa 3-Seat Modular Sofa Bed

Price: $1,699

Shop: Mojuraa

Another compact yet comfortable pit sectional is this tan piece by Mojuraa. It features different layers of seat padding so it’s comfortable for every type of family. This sectional is also a great pick if you have little ones or pets around as it’s stain and scratch resistant.

While you can shift up the seats to adjust them according to the needs of the moment, the sofa also offers versatility while purchasing. You can choose from 3 or 4 seat modular, loveseat modular, and U sectional. 

Albany Park Kova Pit

Price: $3,224

This pit sectional is an Albany best-seller and is loved for its incredibly fluffy and warm cushions. As a bonus, they are also hypoallergenic and vegan. This sectional isn’t customizable, but the brand does offer options to purchase a storage ottoman or a regular, non-storage one (with a difference in price).

If green isn’t your color, you can choose from 13 different fabric and color options. Albany Park offers quick delivery, with free shipping and any-reason returns. Finally, you’ll receive the order in easy-to-move boxes, and assembly for the pit sectional will be super easy.

Final Words

If you—like many others—thought that sectionals and three-seaters are the only big thing in couches… well, now you know! Pit sectionals are making a comeback to the design world. And we’re here for it! With this blog post, we hope you found your best match for a sofa upgrade 🤍


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