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Patio Side Table Ideas for a Stylish Outdoor Space

Updated: 3 days ago

The temperatures are getting higher, and you know what that means. More time spent outdoors! 

The first step to enjoying your time outside your house is setting up a comfy outdoor space. Once you’ve got your patio couch set in place, it’s time to elevate that setting with a nice and stylish patio side table.

These little workhorses are the (rather unsung) heroes of outdoor entertaining—offering a spot to perch drinks, snacks, and books. But beyond functionality, your patio side tables can also be a great way to enhance your decor. So much that they can make for great conversation starters.

If you’re ready to let go of the boring and embrace the beautiful, dive right in! Here’s your ultimate guide to patio side tables, including an inspiring collection and styling ideas.

Best Patio Side Tables

Your patio side table can be as minimalist—or extra—as you want it to be. Below, I share my favorite patio side tables that will make a statement in your outdoor space for sure.

Giantex Round Rattan Wicker Coffee Table

Price: $62

Shop: Giantex

A glass side table made out of wicker? The perfect choice for modern elegance! This charming side table features a beautiful open-weave PE rattan design in a neutral brown color. The benefit? It’ll match well with any type of furniture. The tempered glass top provides a smooth, easy-clean surface for drinks, snacks or a centerpiece. Simultaneously, the compact size (26” diameter x 28” high) offers functionality without overwhelming your space.

This piece is lightweight, so you can easily rearrange it—but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not sturdy enough for the outdoors. In fact, the Giantex round side table is built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Lumos Hand Shape Side Table

Price: $99

Shop: Cosiest

This one’s a sculptural masterpiece! Two sculpted hands, made from durable MgO composite, cradle a smooth top. The end result is a striking masterpiece, one that can easily initiate conversations. Effortlessly lightweight (15 lbs) and ready to hold your drinks or treasures (up to 66 lbs!), this piece requires no assembly at all. Plus, it brings a touch of modern art to any outdoor (or indoor) space.

Round Outdoor Side Table with Storage

Price: $259

Shop: Homary

Looking for a storage side table? Look no further! Homary has you covered with this stunning piece made of high-quality aluminum alloy (and resin top). The bottom frame opens up to give you vacant space where you can keep essentials. I especially love to store some of my favorite books here—so they’re near to grab when I’m in for a good read outdoors. Plus, the unique braided rope adds to the decorative presence of the piece (but it’s highly weather-resistant, so nothing to worry about in terms of maintenance).

Giantex Hourglass-Shaped Outdoor Side Table

Price: $89.99

Shop: Giantex

If you’re looking for creative side tables, this one’s for you. A nature-inspired charm will enhance your patio with this stunning hourglass-shaped piece. It boasts a 2-in-1 design (a side table as well as a sturdy stool).

Crafted from high-quality, natural rock, this table is built to last. Especially thanks to its waterproof and wear-resistant surface. The compact size (14.5” x 14.5” x 17”) and lightweight design (20 lbs) make it easy to move around, while the adjustable foot pads ensure it can stay stable even if the surface below it is uneven.

Plus, with its minimalist style and neutral color, this table seamlessly integrates with any decor (I could even use it indoors!). No assembly is required, so you’ll be enjoying its natural beauty and functionality right out of the box 😉

Outdoor Cool Bar Table Height Side Table (Adjustable)

Price: $139.99

Shop: Yita Home

If you want your side table to be your new party companion, you’ve got your perfect match. This 3-in-1 piece transforms from a cooler to a cocktail table or coffee table—with adjustable heights for lounging as well as socializing. Pretty cool, right? 

In terms of functionality, the 9.8-gallon cooler keeps drinks icy. And clean up is super easy with a simple plug. Simultaneously, the wood-like structure has a decorative presence (even though it’s made from durable resin). Enjoy hassle-free assembly and elevate your outdoor gatherings in minutes 🥳

Christopher Knight Home Ruby Outdoor Side Table

Price: $39.99

Making a stunning statement doesn’t have to be expensive—and this side table shows us how. You can easily bring a touch of whimsy to your space with this affordable but charming cut-out side table. Its eye-catching design adds a graceful note to any backyard, patio, or garden. You can pair it with a statement chair for a cozy and eclectic corner, or let it shine surrounded by lush greenery; this versatile piece will work in so many different settings.

Dondi Side Table

Price: $296

For folks missing the seaside… why not introduce its hint to your outdoor space with the Dondi side table? The hand-painted resin base features a beautiful underwater scene teeming with tropical fish, colorful coral, and swaying seaweed. I especially love this piece near the poolside; it’ll not only create the perfect ambiance for your pool parties but also hold your favorite cocktails as you take a dip into the water.

How to Style Patio Side Tables

And that’s a wrap on my top picks for unique side tables. Once you do purchase yours, you want to maximize its use by styling it the right way. And the good news is, there are so many ways to do so. It’s all about getting creative! Here are some of my top ideas to inspire your creativity.

Layer, Layer, Layer

The side table doesn’t have to be bare just because it’s placed outdoors. You want to layer different things that add to the aesthetics. Think a woven placemat for the base topped with decorative items, like coasters, a small succulent in a pot, or a hurricane candle.

Play with Textures

More textures mean a more welcoming space—and if you’re hosting guests, you know how important that is. For example, pair a sleek metal table with a chunky ceramic vase. Or perhaps, offset a smooth wooden tabletop with a woven basket for storage.

Light it Up

String lights or lanterns will add an enchanting touch—especially as the sun sets. If you’re looking to be eco-friendly, solar-powered options are the way to go! 

Final Words

Styling your outdoor space is simply incomplete without a side table—in terms of both functionality and decor. I hope you found the piece that resonates with your taste from my picks above. Order your fave(s) today to have them just in time for those beautiful summer evenings 🌞


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