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How to Decorate A Living Room (9 Easy Steps)

Living rooms are the soul of a joyful household—many cherished moments are created in the space, perched around the coffee table enjoying a fun Scrabble afternoon, or hooked to the television hosting an exciting movie night.  

So, whether you’re decorating your living room from scratch or simply revamping the existing decor, we’ve got some simple designer tips to help you put together a functional, aesthetic, and inviting space—regardless of the design style you’re aiming to create!

Measure the Space

Start by accurately evaluating the available square footage. Apart from the basic measurements, measure the height of the walls, take note of any potential obstacles (like built-in shelves or irregular nooks), and account for windows, doors, and alcoves.

Though this may sound like an extra step that takes up extra effort, it’ll definitely save you a lot of time, money, and stress down the lane. After all, you don’t want to pivot your favorite luxe leather sofa, do you? 

Make a Plan 

Take a close look around the living room and make a rough sketch of how you want the space to come together. 

But what exactly does the plan need to include? Here are a few things to keep in mind—and don’t shy away from making additions to the list. 

  • How will the space be used? 

  • How many people will use the space?

  • How should circulation flow within the room?

  • What storage solutions will you need?

  • What lighting will you install? 

  • How will you maximize space?

Pick a Color Scheme

Though a seemingly minor decision, a color scheme will define the entire design style of the living room. So, choosing a cohesive living room color palette is a great starting point. 

Minimal, contemporary, eclectic, Boho, Scandi, or mid-century: what’s your choice? Once decided, you can either find inspiration online or hit up a professional interior designer for tips and advice to curate something that makes the room look spacious yet nods to your needs. 

Decide on the Living Room Layout 

What determines the comfort of a living room? The furniture. And what determines the comfort and seamless flow of a living room? The layout of the furniture.

Can’t figure out the best layout for your living room? Gather inspiration below. 

  • Traditional layout, where seating is arranged around a focal point (perhaps a fireplace or TV). The additional chairs (like armchairs or loveseats) are placed on each side of the sofa. 

  • Open-plan layout, ideal for small spaces. The living room seamlessly blends in with other areas of the home, creating zones through strategic furniture placement and minimizing divisions to promote a more airy interior. 

  • Symmetrical layout to create harmony in the living room. The furniture is presented in pairs, and decor items like mirrors or sofa side tables are used to balance the look further. 

  • Floating layout. The furniture is pulled away from the walls to create a spacious look. 

Multi-functional layout, entertainment-centric layout, and conversation pit layout are a few other options to look into—and you can even combine two different layouts! 

Introduce Texture 

A living room is incomplete without texture—and here are 5 super simple, affordable, and quick ways to incorporate it in your home. The best part? You can always switch things up to match the current season and ongoing trends! 

  • Lay out a rug. Look for something like a shag rug, Berber, Moroccan, sisal, or kilim rug.

  • Present throw pillows made of silk or velvet, for example. 

  • Install textured lighting fixtures, such as a torque accent lamp, a Hula Hoop wall sconce, or a Randall chandelier

  • Decorate with plants, such as Boston fern and jade plants. 

  • Showcase textured decor pieces, such as sculptures and ceramic vases. 

Install the Right Lighting 

Lighting serves a lot more than simply illuminating the living room. It impacts your mood, sets the right ambiance, and highlights your lovely decor. 

For the best lighting scheme, combine all three types: ambient, task, and accent. Use overhead chandeliers, ceiling lights, and wall sconces for ambient lighting, pendant lights, table, and floor lamps for task lighting, and fairy lights, under-cabinet lighting, and track lights for accent lighting. 

Tip: Every corner of the living room requires different lighting. A reading nook, for example, will require brighter light, the seating area will do well with warm, relaxed lighting, and the wall decor demands more focused illumination to show off its beauty. 

Hang Artwork 

Walls are the perfect canvas to spruce up an otherwise bland living room—and also one of the easiest ways to showcase your personality and taste. The best part? You’ve got unlimited choices. Vintage wall art, DIY projects, abstract artwork, macrame hangings, wall murals, floating shelves presenting your collectibles, 3D art, framed mirrors, you name it! 

Remember, you don’t need to fill every corner. The key is to strike a meaningful impact on the room’s ambiance by introducing visual balance and stunning focal points. 

Factor in Living Room Storage 

Living rooms aren’t only meant for entertainment—they’re also super functional. So it’s always a good idea to plan for adequate storage space that caters to all your needs.  

  • A storage ottoman to house extra throws, cushions, and maybe a few toys.  

  • Console tables with storage for keys, mail, and other daily-use items. 

  • Storage bench for shoes and umbrellas. 

  • Media console for gaming consoles, DVD players, and cable boxes. 

  • Decorative rattan tray for candles, books, and mini vases. 

Don’t Forget Greenery 

Tight on budget? Plants and flowers can level up your living room decor without breaking the bank. How? Indoor plants cleanse the air and create a refreshing vibe with their rejuvenating color. Potted plants, hanging plants, and plant stands will all do great. You can even create an entire botanical retreat right in the comfort of your home! 

Final Words 

It’s your turn now—get ready to decorate a practical and aesthetic living room with the simplest and most affordable decor ideas! 


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