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Hallway Benches: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: May 7

entryway home design with a bench and rubber boots

When decking out your hallway with fun hallway decor ideas, there’s one versatile item you simply can’t skimp on: the bench. In the entryway, a bench provides a seat for lacing up—or waiting for a ride—before heading out. In the corridor, it adds to the visual interest of the space. Additionally, a humble bench always provides great storage opportunities, allowing you to put your essentials out of sight (and organized).

To leverage the use of a bench, however, it’s important to get the right piece—depending on your storage needs, available space in the corridor, and more. This article is your comprehensive guide to hallway benches, aiming to help you pick just the right piece.

Pick a Style for Your Hallway Bench

entryway treasure chest style storage bench

Credit: Home Depot

For one, your hallway bench should complement the overall style of your home. If you’re a minimalist, a sleek bench with leather upholstery and metallic legs will do. For traditional and rustic lovers, a wooden piece is a good choice, while the eclectic at heart can opt for a bold-hued piece, such as a blue hallway bench.

Leverage Double Duty with Hallway Storage Benches

Everyone can make use of some extra storage space, especially when it’s in the hallway. Opt for a piece that provides compartments to store essentials (such as bags, shoes, and umbrellas). Alternatively, you can place wicker baskets in the vacant space under the bench’s seat—and use them for storage.

Best Hallway Storage Benches

If you’ve been eyeing storage benches, here are our top three picks to aid your decision!

  • Franco Storage Bench at Dunelm

storage bench with cabinet doors

Credit: Dunelm

This bench's black frame with rattan doors is a modern take on the retro design.

  • Etta Avenue’s Abbingt Upholstered Storage Bench at Wayfair

french style bench in an entry room

Credit: Wayfair

The curved silhouette and chenille upholstery make this piece a truly luxurious pick for benches!

  • Loha Green Velvet and Rattan Ottoman at Oliver Bonas

bamboo style bench

Credit: Oliver Bonas

This Boho-style bench makes a style statement with its rich rubberwood frame and rattan detailing.

Pay Attention to The Size and Scale

minimalistic storage bench for a shoe room

A bench too small can feel lost in a hallway, while a big piece can make the space feel cramped. So, choosing an appropriately sized hallway bench is important to make the most of your piece. This is usually one that is proportional to the available space you have (one way to figure this out is by measuring your hallway and choosing compatible bench dimensions).

How Tall Should a Hallway Bench Be?

How tall a hallway bench should be isn’t one-size-fits-all, as every space—and homeowner—has their own specific needs. However, generally, a bench can be between 18 and 20 inches (45 and 50 cm) tall, and it will be comfortable for seating in your hallways. You also want to consider how high your ceilings are. A tall bench works well in hallways with high ceilings, while lower benches are suitable for spaces that have low-lying ceilings. Width-wise, you can opt for narrow pieces, as hallway benches are usually used for quick/temporary seating.

Ensure Durability and Comfort in the Hallway Bench

modern bench in a corridor

Because hallways are usually high-traffic areas, your bench should be durable—and capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. Hardwood (such as oak and maple) is super strong, while metal is a great option for moisture-prone areas. Simultaneously, comfort can be ensured with soft upholstery (or padded cushions). This makes sure you have a comfy spot to sit as you lace up your shoes.

How to Decorate a Hallway Bench: Tips and Tricks

wooden bench with wall decorations

A design expert knows their work doesn’t end with picking out a hallway bench—they have to style it to blend in with their existing decor. Here are a couple of ideas to decorate your hallway bench:

  • Add a few cushions and throw pillows (matching the color scheme of your home), especially if you have soft upholstery.

  • Arrange a small decorative tray on the bench; this can hold essentials like keys and sunglasses.

  • Add a cozy throw, loosely throwing it over the bench.

  • Place a rattan basket next to your bench — this provides extra storage space while doubling as decor.

  • Hang a small piece of artwork (or a mirror) on the wall behind your bench. If you’re willing to create a focal point, you can even use one of these hallway gallery wall ideas.

  • Place a potted plant—or vase of fresh flowers—on the bench.

  • Place a floor lamp nearby; this lights up the space and also serves decorative purposes.

  • Use a small runner under the rug to define the space.

  • If you need some more storage space, consider installing floating shelves above the bench. Here, you can display books as well as decor items.

Also, as the seasons switch up, your hallway benches are a great way to display seasonal pieces. For example, ornaments and candles for Christmas.

DIY Customizations

white wooden bench with shelves and a pillow from pottery barn

Credit: Pottery Barn

If you already have a storage bench, test your creative potential by breathing new life into it! Give it a fresh coat of paint and switch out the hardware. You can also replace the upholstery if you’re up for a good DIY.

You can also extend your DIY project to the space around your bench. Hang decorative hooks (or racks) on the wall behind it. This is especially useful in the foyer, where you can use it for hanging coats and scarves as you step into your home. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even build a bench from scratch.

Final Words

Hallway benches have so much potential when you’re decorating your corridor. Whether you’re doing an open entryway project or a quick spruce-up for a narrow hallway, a bench should always make its way into that corridor. From storage and visual aesthetics to a comfy seating space—it serves more purposes than one 🪄


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