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French Country Mirror Styles to Add to Your Home

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

round french mirror in a hallway with stairs

Inspired by the simplistic (and effortless) beauty of the French country style? Incorporating French country-inspired mirrors is one of the best ways to add this style to your home — subtly and effectively 🤍 If you’re ready to upgrade your home decor with a hint of French country, keep reading! This blog post is your all-in-one guide to French country style mirrors to add to your home.

French Country Style Mirrors: Why Use Them?

What is it about French country style mirrors that make them such a unique addition to interiors? Let’s find out!

  • They’re timeless. This style features ornate designs and distressed finishes — making them perfect for all interior decor trends (and for years to come!).

  • They add rustic charm. French country mirror styles have a weathered appearance. This antique touch means they can add warmth to even the starkest of interiors.

  • They create an artistic statement. The artistic flair they’re crafted with means your French country mirrors can make a head-turning statement in any interior.

  • French country mirrors have a connection with nature. Because the style draws inspiration from nature, you can often find floral motifs/vines in their structure. This is a great ( and subtle) way to add a hint of Mother Nature to your interior.

On top of that, these mirrors offer the added benefit of mirrors in general— reflecting light and making your interior look brighter (and more spacious).

Top French Country Mirror Styles to Add to Your Home

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top French country mirror styles you can consider for your interior (also, you may fall in love with more than one 😉).

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors make for a great addition to traditional interiors. But beyond that, they can add a unique twist to contemporary and Scandinavian interior styles. And, who knows, your thrift store piece may also hold historical significance.

Mayfair Leaner Mirrors

Mayfair learners are elegant and sophisticated — and often come in large sizes. Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted option or a floor mirror, this type will be your best match.

Gilded Mirrors

Gilded mirrors are classic. They add a timeless charm and singlehandedly add to the luxury of your space. Additionally, gilded mirrors can add a hint of sophistication and easily form the focal point of the interior.

Trumeau Mirrors

Set in tall wooden frames with sculptural decoration at the top, Trumeau mirrors are one of the more high-end choices in interior decor. They are tall (when compared to their width), so they’ll make for a great addition to rooms with high ceilings.

Arched Wooden Mirror

Credit: Chairish

An arched wooden mirror adds to the architectural interest of your home. With their wooden frames and traditional appearance, such mirrors also make for a great French country mirror style. Tip: We love this style for mantles (particularly owing to their flat bottoms).

Mansard Mirrors

If you’re in for a unique statement, Mansard mirrors are the way to go. They have a striking size (and shape), which is often accentuated by its dual frame. Being directly inspired by French architecture, this mirror is one of the best ways to add the French country style to your home.

Art Deco Mirrors

Art Deco mirrors have interesting styles that can instantly add depth — and dimension — to your home. They’re available in both silver and gold, meaning you can use them to complement all interior spaces.

Web-Style Mirrors

The unique touch of web-style mirrors makes them ideal for folks seeking a twist in their interior. While they may not be the best for spaces where you want to see your reflection clearly, they make for a great decorative piece.

Tips and Tricks to Add French Country Mirror Styles

Chosen your favorite French country mirror style? Keep reading for tips and tricks to use it in your interior!

French Country Mirror Placements

Credit: Lark Manor

French country mirrors can be placed in different rooms of your home — and create a unique statement in each. Some of the best places to hang your mirrors are:

  • The entryway. French country style mirrors can add artistic flair to your foyer. This means they can leave a great first impression on visitors, setting the tone of your home.

  • Above the fireplace mantle. Mounting a mirror above your mantle helps your fireplace double as a decorative feature. Plus, it’s also an auspicious Feng Shui practice.

  • On a focal wall. If you’re creating a feature wall in your room, adding a French country style mirror will further enhance it.

  • Part of a gallery wall. French country mirror styles, especially the smaller ones (such as mansard), look stunning as a part of a gallery wall. To serve the purpose, you can surround the mirror with prints or photos of your choice.

  • Above a dresser or vanity. You can also use these mirrors as a part of your daily beautifying routine. For example, above the dresser in your bedroom. This may also be above the vanity in your bathroom.

  • In hallways. If you have narrow hallways, French country style mirrors can visually open them up while adding a decorative element.

  • Above a couch. Mirrors can complement furniture pieces, such as couches, sideboards, and accent tables. They also add a sense of completeness to the setting.

Common Frames to Add French Country Style Mirrors

French country mirror styles often have wooden frames with distressed finishes. You can often find ornate styles and gilded accents as well as intricate carvings. Whitewashed and natural wood tones are also commonly found.

French Country Mirrors: Cleaning + Maintenance Requirements

To clean your French country style mirror, use a soft, lint-free cloth along with a gentle glass cleaner. Also, be sure to regularly dust the mirror to maintain its beauty — and always avoid abrasive or harsh chemicals.

Final Words

French country mirror styles are a crowd favorite — and an emerging interior decor trend. The best part? They’re great for all design styles.

Looking for furniture, home products, and amazing deals? Stay tuned to our blog for everything related to interior decor 🤍


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