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Fireplace Remodeling Ideas That Exude Charm & Warmth

If you’ve been thinking fireplaces are set in stone... well, you’re not entirely right. Whether your current fireplace is stacked stone or red brick, upgrading it isn’t as hard as you’d think. In fact, you can take your living froom from “whatever” to “wow” with a simple fireplace facelift.

A good fireplace will add instant charm to the space—and make it cozy just before winter’s chill arrives. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve landed the right spot! We’ve handpicked the best fireplace remodeling ideas for you to use in your home and get that fireside setting looking absolutely charming.

Ready to learn how to remodel a fireplace? Let’s get started!

Install a Mantel

The mantel is basically the crown jewel of your fireplace. It will draw attention to the setting and make it a statement feature—so it pays off sprucing it up. Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity—


For a warm and inviting country feel, consider a chunky wood mantel. Hardwoods like oak, walnut, or maple will give you a timeless interior. Further, stained or painted finishes can help personalize according to your style.


If you’re looking for a contemporary ambiance, sleek stone will serve the purpose. Think granite, marble, or soapstone; these come in a variety of colors and veining patterns, so you can choose the one that fits your interior best.


A chic ambiance can be achieved with reclaimed wood mantels. These add a hint of history to the space—and a mid-century modern style. In that regard, salvaged beams and weather barnwood can make for great conversation starters!


For a pop of color and pattern, consider a tiled mantel. You can use ceramic or mosaic tiles. (When you begin picking, the options will be endless!).

Add Eye-Catching Artwork

Decorating the area around your fireplace can draw attention to it—making it the focal point of the space. This makes the fireplace stand out, and grabs the eye of anyone walking into the living room. This can also qualify as a budget-friendly remodel idea, provided you pick affordable art pieces, that is.

  • When choosing artwork, make sure its size is large enough to fill the space without overwhelming it. (A good rule of thumb is a piece that covers ⅔ to ¾ the width of your mantel).

  • You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking art pieces: abstract, geometric, landscapes, etc.

  • Think about the color scheme of your living room when choosing artwork.

Spruce Up the Hearth

The hearth—the base of your fireplace—is (a lot) more than just a place to store logs. It’s a design element that can add visual interest and texture to your fireplace. If done properly, it can also add functionality!

Match It Up

If you love a cohesive aesthetic, you can match the hearth material to your fireplace surround. This gives a timeless appeal. Think brick or stone—basically anything that complements the existing design.

Warm Up with Brick

Exposed brick is always a classic choice for hearths; it radiates warmth and character. You can leave it natural. Or paint it for an upgrade.

Raise It for Comfort

For your renovation, you can raise the hearth and create a designated seating area. This is perfect for cozy gatherings!

Consider Fireplace Inserts

If you’ve been thinking fireplace inserts are just for modern homes, you’re mistaken there. They can be seamlessly integrated into traditional fireplaces, too. These self-contained units can have many benefits for your fireplace:

  • They boost efficiency. Fireplace inserts dramatically improve heat output. This reduces wood consumption as well as heating costs.

  • A fireplace insert is an eco-friendly choice. Modern inserts burn cleaner (and produce fewer emissions). This makes them an environmentally friendly choice.

  • They help with safety. Fireplace inserts have advanced safety features, like glass doors. These can help prevent accidental burns.

  • They’ve got style. Don’t be fooled that inserts are purely functional; they come in a variety of different styles, too. From traditional cast iron to contemporary glass-fronted models—you can choose what fits your existing decor best.

Add Andirons

Andirons are more than just decorative fireplace accents; they serve a practical purpose as well. These sturdy metal stands will lift your logs off the hearth. This allows for better airflow as well as more efficient burning. 

Plus, classic cast iron andirons add elegance (and a touch of history) to your fireplace. Because they come in many styles—including geometric to floral designs—they can easily complement your existing decor.

Embrace Color

Fireplaces are traditionally clad in neutral tones, sure, but why not break the mold and add some color?

To achieve the purpose, paint the brick surround in a bold hue of your choice. We’d recommend emerald green, burnt umber, or a sunny yellow. Truly going to make that fireplace a showstopper! 

If you’re in for a good DIY—here’s how to paint a wood fireplace surround.

Add Accessories

The mantel gives you plenty of space to decorate! So, take this opportunity to showcase your personality—and create a captivating focal point. Here are some fun ideas:

Seasonal Showcases

  • Winter Wonderland. Create a cozy winter scene with frosted pinecones, twinkling fairy lights, and snow-dusted branches. Bonus points if you hang knit stockings!

  • Celebrating Spring. A floral arrangement in a colorful vase (Alchemy Home has a great collection), paired with pastel-colored candles and birdhouses, will do just the trick.

  • Add a Summer Vibe. Have you ever collected seashells on your beach vacation? Time to take them out and display them. Idea: Arrange them in a glass hurricane vase filled with sand. You’ll love the coastal touch!

Year-Round Classics

  • Candlelight Delight. A little extra light does no harm 😉 Arrange candlesticks and pillar candles on your mantel; different heights and colors can give a layered look. 

  • Book Nook Charm. Prop open a beautiful hardcover book—or stack a few coffee table books with interesting covers. This adds color and texture to the space.

  • Sculptural Statements. Place a single, eye-catching sculpture on your mantel. Case in point: Alchemy Home’s Man Cast in Time. Choose a piece that reflects your personal style—whether it’s a sleek metal abstract or a classic bust.

Price: $306

Mount a Mirror

Price: $249

Adding a mirror can instantly add glamor (and dimension) to your fireplace. You want to consider a large and ornately framed mirror above the mantel. This creates the illusion of a grander space. Alternatively, you can use smaller mosaic tiles with a mirrored finish on the hearth; this adds some sparkle.

Hang a Statement Chandelier

You can elevate your fireplace into a truly showstopping feature by hanging a statement chandelier above it. Think a cascading crystal chandelier adding elegance. Or a rustic iron chandelier that complements a more industrial-chic space. Lights Online has a vast collection to explore—and find your preferred piece.

Final Words

Never underestimate the power of the fireplace; it can take your living space to a whole new level! We especially love remodeling ideas that don’t cost you much—and our tips above are just the right spot to begin 🤍

If you’ve got more ideas you have tried (and loved!), be sure to share them with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you 😊


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