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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Bedroom Chair 

Updated: May 7

When decorating bedrooms, our focus often tends to lean towards prominent elements, like the color scheme, bed, and wardrobe—while overshadowing the subtle yet important role of features like the bedroom chair. 

Though an overlooked part of bedroom designs, chairs have the power to elevate the space by introducing a seamless blend of comfort, functionality, and style. The best part? They can sit perfectly in every design style and every bedroom, from the master bedroom and kid’s bedroom to the guest suite. 

But how exactly do you choose the best bedroom chair for your interior? Keep reading to find out, paired with suggestions for the best options on the market.

Why You Need a Bedroom Chair 

Introduces a Wow Factor 

Looking for an affordable way to introduce a touch of luxury to the bedroom? Bring in an accent chair. Even if you’re not sitting in it, a chair that complements the overall bedroom decor gives the interior a wow factor. Just make sure not to pile it up with clothes. 

Spruces up the Vanity

Pamper yourself by enhancing your makeup & hair time with a comfortable vanity chair. While there are tons of options out there, an ottoman stool (like the Liang Wicker Ottoman) is a space-saving solution that looks Instagram-worthy and can even double as a bedside table. 

Serves as a Reading Nook 

A comfortable bedroom chair—decorated with attractive accent lighting, a fluffy rug, and soft pillows—is one of the easiest ways to create a mini tranquil cocoon in your bedroom. 

Types of Bedroom Chairs 

Multifunctional Bedroom Chairs 

Multifunctional bedroom chairs offer a dynamic experience that goes beyond providing extra seating space. An ottoman seat with storage, for example, can house extra linens while serving as a stylish seating spot. Such options are particularly useful in rooms tight on square footage.

Bedroom Chairs for Relaxation 

Create the ultimate relaxation station in your bedroom with a comfortable chair, like an oversized wingback chair. If you’re looking for something more fun and whimsical, try a unique hanging egg chair. 

Space-Saving Bedroom Chairs 

Small bedrooms don’t have to be boring. With smart ideas like space-saving chairs, you can spruce up even the smallest of rooms. Look for options like folding bedroom chairs, ottomans with hidden storage, and bed-end benches.  

Bedroom Chairs to Match Your Design Style 

Being one of the latest design trends 2024, bedroom chairs are now available in different design styles—and the final choice for your bedroom depends on the existing theme. 

Mid-century modern chairs come in iconic shapes and materials with an innovative design and vintage charm.  

Scandinavian chairs are characterized by pastel colors and soft textures that help create a serene atmosphere. 

Bohemian chairs embrace a mix of textures, patterns, and vibrant hues to enhance an artistic and eclectic interior. 

Traditional chairs are designed with classic detailing and rich wood tones to adorn a room with timeless elegance. 

Best Bedroom Chairs on the Market

Store: The Citizenry 

Dimensions: 16.25”D x 60”W x 17”H

Colors available: Cream, Tan 

Made of a walnut frame and high-resiliency foam, the Helm Bench perfects the balance of comfort and design. Its modern architectural design and plush shearling make it the ideal pick for minimal bedrooms short on space. 

How to Style: Lay out a rug below the bench, add neutral-colored cushions, and present a beautiful chunky throw on the edge. Install a few fairy lights to level up the look. 

Dimensions: 32"h x 57.75"d x 30"w

Colors available: Heirloom Black, Terra Brown Ash

Dreaming of a vintage-inspired style that doesn’t look too old school? The Roberto Chair is for you. With a 70s-inspired aura and a tufted sling seat, this design is sure to impart a unique look to the bedroom, regardless of how you style it. Its leather upholstery is processed from upcycled hides featuring an abundance of natural markings to give your interior a one-of-kind vibe. 

How to Style: Position it in a spacious corner to allow easy movement around both the ottoman and chair. Pair it with a small retro-inspired accent pillow, a vintage lamp, and a woven basket (for your books and other reading nook accessories) to balance the look. 

Dimensions: A. 37.4" | B. 66.93" | C. 27.17" | D. 56.3" |

Colors available: White, Beige

Accent the corner of your bedroom with the luxurious Eichholtz Chaise Lounge. Made of a recessed back and sculpted armrests, upholstered with off-white textured fabric, and finished with black feet, the sofa has the power to instantly uplift the comfort and functionality of a bedroom. 

For extra depth and interest, try a distinct-shaped bedroom chair like the Pioneer Chaise Lounge

How to Style: Allow the appealing arm and backrest of the chaise to stand out in a prominent corner of the bedroom. Accentuate the off-white upholstery with soft blues and gentle blush tones, and don’t forget to add a statement plant nearby to feast your eyes with on a relaxing afternoon. 

Store: Soul Out

Dimensions: 37.5"(W)*40"(D)*38"(H)

Colors available: Grey, Flaxen, Blue, Beige 

Whether you’re a tired mom who needs a recliner to rock their baby to sleep or an exhausted folk craving the comfort of a plush bedroom chair, the Rocking Recliner Glider is exactly what you need. Sleek and modern design, comfortable cushions, and convenient latch mechanism—everything a tired person craves for! 

How to Style: Make the recliner more convenient with a small side table to hold your essentials while you sit back and doze off. Add a plush rug to make rocking more comfortable, and personalize the space with items that reflect your interests. 

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Chair 

There’s no one-size-fits-all for bedroom chairs. So, here’s a quick checklist to go through before swiping your card at the home decor store. 

  • What size and scale will fit in your bedroom? 

  • How do you plan to use the chair?

  • Will the design blend into the existing bedroom decor?

  • What is your budget?

  • How often are you ready to clean the upholstery?


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