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Crypton Fabric Sofas: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: May 7

Looking for a sofa upgrade—and tired of your easily staining one? Staying on top of sofa cleanliness can be a challenge with busy families. Kids dropping drinks, pets scratching the sofa surface… it really can be a hassle keeping that surface clean.

But not anymore! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance piece, consider a Crypton fabric sofa. This fabric is so durable, you’d be impressed. This revolutionary fabric can withstand the chaos of everyday life. It offers stain resistance and easy cleaning—making it perfect for busy households.

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to Crypton fabric sofas, so you know all about them before purchasing yours!

Why Crypton?

Crypton fabric has a unique technology that creates this built-in protective barrier. This results in several different benefits—these translate to why you should opt for Crypton fabric for your sofa.

Resistant to Stains

Get frequent spills? No worries. Whether it's red wine or ketchup, most liquids will bead up to the surface. This means you can easily clean the surface with just a simple wipe.


Simply put: Crypton fabric is built to last. It can resist wear and tear and won’t fade away easily. In fact, it’s also quite resistant to pet claws. This means your sofa will look fresh for years to come.

Repels Moisture

Your Crypton fabric sofa will repel moisture. This not only makes it suitable for spills—it also prevents the growth of mold. This promotes a healthier living environment.

Easy Cleaning

With a Crypton sofa, you’ll forget harsh chemicals! Simple water-based solutions and gentle scrubbing will do the trick.

Crypton vs. Other Performance Fabrics

There are some other performance fabrics on the market, but Crypton sure stands out!

In terms of stain resistance, Crypton offers some excellent resistance. Other treated fabrics, for example, Scotchgard, can vary in terms of stain resistance, depending on the specific treatment. They may, however, not be as broad or long-lasting as Crypton.

For durability, a strong contender is Sunbrella (typically used for outdoor furniture). Crypton may be more resistant to those claws of your furry friends, though.

We also love the plush and luxurious feel of Crypton fabric. It comes in so many different textures, from velvet to linens. This means you can get the look you desire.

3 Best Crypton Fabric Sofas

If a crypton fabric sofa sounds like your thing—but can’t figure where to purchase one—we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 3 picks for Crypton fabric sofas to purchase.

Four Hands Habitat Sofa

Price: $2,799

This slipcovered sofa will make for the perfect addition to any lounge. It is made with stain-resistant Crypton fabric. But not only is it durable—it’s also incredibly comfortable! This is especially true because it has pillow-inspired cushions. So, whether you’re looking to dive in with your favorite book or hit the snooze button, this sofa is a great investment.

The sofa comes in two different sizes: the 90-inch one shown above, and another variation with 96 inch length. If you’re looking for chaise-style lounging in a modern interior, Four Hands have also got a Habitat Chaise.

Beale Four Piece Sectional

Price: $7,949

Shop: Arhaus

This stunning piece is dedicated to unique, forward-thinking furnishing styles. It uses the soft and beautiful fabric of Crypton, as well as plenty of recycled materials to make your choice a sustainable one. This sectional provides ample seating space—and some space to lie down or straighten your legs. It's incredibly comfortable and is the perfect pick for a contemporary homeowner!

Cranbrook 55.5'' Upholstered Loveseat

Price: $1,809

Shop: Wayfair

If you’re looking to try Crypton fabric in a smaller piece before you invest in that large, expensive sofa, this one’s for you. The Cranbrook upholstered loveseat gives you a true feel of what it’s like to have a Crypton fabric sofa (we’re talking about that durability and easy cleaning), but with a compact piece. You can place it in your living room for extra seating—or to create a lounging corner in your bedroom.

While the sofa comes in 56 different fabric/color options (crazy, right?), 2 of the sofa fabrics are in Crypton. Plus, they will deliver and assemble the product for you!


Is a crypton fabric sofa right for you?

If you’re double-minded about investing in a Crypton fabric sofa, think about the following factors. The answers you get will help you make the decision.

What is your lifestyle?

This fabric will be a lifesaver in a busy household with kids and pets. On the other hand, if your house doesn’t really get messy, you may not need this sofa fabric.

How much are you willing to spend?

Crypton sofas can be slightly pricey (trust us when we say it’s justified). So, a Crypton piece will be a good idea if you’re willing to spend.

In terms of style—there’s plenty of flexibility. Crypton sofas come in many different styles as well as colors.

Is Crypton fabric safe for pets/children?

Yep! Crypton fabrics are free of harmful chemicals, so they’re completely safe to use with little ones around. (In fact, they’ll help you control their frequent spills).

How to clean Crypton fabric sofa?

The key is to act fast with your Crypton sofa 😉 Blot up spills immediately (a microfiber cloth can help absorb excess liquid). You can then prepare a cleaning solution with a mild detergent and water, and lightly scrub the affected area. Finally, use a clean cloth soaked in water to remove any soap residue. If you’ve got a really stubborn stain, you can also pre-treat it with, for example, a mild enzyme cleaner.

Final Words

Crypton fabric sofas sure are a saving grace when you get frequent spills and scratches. If you’re tired of those endless stains—time for a quick swap! You may have to invest, but, with proper care, the product will last for years to come. It’s an investment that will last 🤍



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