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Creative Bookends to Enhance Your Home Decor

Updated: May 7

Gone are the days when the utilitarian design of bookends (those wooden and metal planks—remember?) took the reign. Now, bookends are becoming design statements. They come in a variety of different styles—so that you can find the one that complements your home decor best. Some designs even seem to give movement to your static book corners!

In this blog post, we’ll share our top ideas for creative bookends that can enhance your home decor. They’re not only functional; they’re also super fun!

Anatomy Decorative Vase

Is your space missing that touch of luxury? A ceramic decorative vase doubling as a bookend can serve the purpose. The different pieces you can choose from are all inspired by generous curves. These can add a natural and organic feel. We especially love the sense of movement that makes the nook appear flowy.

This piece is suitable for all interior design styles. From modern to industrial to traditional, the anatomy vase can make a statement in any space.

Tikal Serving Bowl

This artisanal wood bowl takes center stage wherever it goes—especially when placed at the end of your books. It’s an antique piece that can add a traditional touch to your space. Whether you already have a rustic interior—or are looking to add a hint of this style to an otherwise contemporary space—this piece will do the trick.

Because it’s made of wood, we’d love to turn it into a nature-inspired piece. Fill it with finds you can source from outdoors. Think smooth stones to add weight to the space. And top it with pinecones or acorns.

Contemporary White and Gold Accent Decorative Bookend

Who doesn’t love a bit of glam in the interior? These elegant bookends use marble and gold to add a glamorous touch to your space. All of that, while keeping the overall look sophisticated.

This is especially a suitable pick if you’re looking for a set of bookends to flank your books. Place one of these triangular pieces on either end of your stack. And you’ll have a tall and fabulous set of books!

Vietri Pistachio Cachepot

Use your bookend to add life to your shelf with this cachepot! This piece adds a beautiful green color (that from the plant is yet to be added) to your book setting. It also comes in white and bright blue shades if you’re looking for a change.

For the plant, consider using a succulent or air plant. These won’t outgrow their bookend role. And, as a bonus, they need minimal watering.

Eichholtz Box

Looking for a bit of storage? Double your bookend as a mini storage container with this Eichholtz box. You can toss in your keys, some jewellery items, or other small accessories. This gives weight to the piece—and it will be able to hold your books in place.

Simultaneously, the clear glass adds transparency to your interior. It makes sure to act as a decorative piece without drawing too much attention.

Artful Jellyfish Glass Wedge Bookends

Everyone loves bringing nature to their interiors. Plants are a common way to achieve the purpose—but how about a touch of sea life? 

This set of jellyfish glass bookends is a unique way to bring class to your interior. The pieces reflect the life underwater with jellyfish floating amidst bubbles. Plus, they are sturdy enough to hold a setting of books between them.

Asp Bookends

Add intrigue to your interior with these super creative bookends. A snake’s figure split into two, this piece can add visual interest to the space. It’s made of handcast metal and can perfectly capture your stack of books in between.

Additionally, its grey and black palette can add a pop of color to your decor—but in a pleasantly subtle way.

Tips for Using Bookends

So you’ve found the perfect bookends for your home decor. But how do you use them in a way that you can make the most of these pieces? Let’s find out!

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Before purchasing the bookend of your choice, consider the weight/size of your collection. If you have heavy books, you’ll need sturdy bookends. Similarly, books with a substantial height need a tall bookend. Also, if one end of your book setting leans against the wall, you’ll need one bookend. And if it’s a freestanding setting, consider a set of two bookends.

Arrange by Theme

Because we’re also aiming to enhance our home decor, it’s important to group books in interesting ways. For example, by color theme. Consider putting together books with the same-hued covers (preferably different shades of the same color). You can then flank them with bookends that complement the theme. Alternatively, you can arrange your books by size.

Leave Room for Breathing

Don’t cram your books too tightly. Be sure to loosely group them together—and also leave room when placing the bookends. This makes sure the spines of your books don’t warp.

Think Outside of the Bookshelf

Bookshelves aren’t just for arranging your books; you can find them multiple other purposes, too! Think organizing magazines on a coffee table or keeping DVDs upright on a media console. If you have a home office, you can add to its decor by using a bookend to organize files.

Final Words

We hope you found just the right bookends for your book setting! By placing them next to your book setting, you can keep those books upright—all while adding to the decor of the space. Bonus points if you choose bookends that serve double duty. Think potted plants purifying the air or a small glass box providing some storage space.



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