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Best Standing Desks 2024 for Every Budget & Style

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Whether a student, a professional, or somewhere in between, the “new normal” of working from home calls for changes in our lifestyle — particularly focusing on creating an environment that ensures both high productivity and good health. It’s high time to give up on the practice of lazying around in the kitchen or finding the best posture in your comfortable bed with a practical and permanent solution, like these 8 super functional and aesthetic standing desks.

E8 Standing Desk

Credit: FlexiSpot

Minimal yet spacious and sturdy: presenting to you the E8 standing desk. The piece combines an effective motorized mechanism with super easy assembly, which will not take more than an hour. It has the perfect height range of 62.5cm to 128cm, making it ergonomic for various heights, especially if you’re not too tall. The table can hold up to 125kg, so you don’t have to stress about overloading it even if you have a multi-monitor setup.

The dual-motor lifting system makes the transition from standing to sitting smooth and quick. The table also has an anti-collision sensor to help it move around safely. Not to forget, the rounded legs and 11 different grain finishes for the tabletop ensure it suits your home decor.

Euri Desk

Prick up your ears, organizing freaks. The inbox zero standing desk is here to level up your experience! Its built-in storage, boasting 4 drawers and a hook on the side, will help with prime organization by keeping all your essential documents and equipment organized and within arm’s reach. The smart keyboard memorizes the preferred heights to save time on making adjustments every now and then, while the eco-2-stage inverted frame eliminates the need for a lower crossbar and provides excellent stability on its own.

The one-piece design makes assembly a breeze, with the rounded rectangular tabletop and built-in sensors enhancing safety and protection.

Unsit Treadmill Desk

Credit: Inmovement

Catching up with your daily steps while staying on top of your work schedule — sounds like a dream, right? Let’s bring this fantasy to reality with the unsit treadmill desk. The smart design has been thoroughly planned and engineered to allow you to walk easily and comfortably.

The treadmill covers the entire under-desk floor space and comes with a safety plug to automatically stop the machine if you veer too far off. It is super quiet, can hold up to 400 pounds, and even has a Bluetooth application to monitor your progress. Viewing the tabletop, it can bear up to 220 pounds and is available in 3 different colors to meet your design preferences.

You’ll get to enjoy a 2-in-1 solution: walking and working packed into one sleek piece. Justifies the price tag, no?

Lynnea Standing Desk

You don’t have to compromise style when looking for functionality — and the Lynnea standing desk proves it. The metal distressed ash wood and antique black textured tubular metal come together to create an industrial look that fits various design styles, including traditional, Boho, and eclectic. The height can go as low as 30 inches and as high as 36.02 inches, allowing the table to be used in different settings.

Having a decent weight capacity of 100 pounds and a side width of 59.8 inches, the Lynnea desk offers a strong and spacious surface to comfortably hold a monitor, documents, books, stationary, and a few decor pieces or planters.

L-Shaped Standing Desk

Multi-taskers, the L-shaped standing desk is for you. You can, for example, tick off tasks while helping your kid do their homework in one productive corner. The broad and crack-resistant tabletop provides plenty of space to position multiple monitors, document and stationary organizers, and books for studying. You can also mount additional features like extra task lighting, under-desk drawers, and keyboard trays without overloading the tabletop.

The triple motor and sensor detection support safe and efficient height adjustments, and the four programmable settings allow it to be set for multiple users. What’s more, it has a 3-box packaging, so you can carry it up the stairs if required.

AIZ Standing Desk

Credit: AIZ (Amazon)

Reserving a dedicated spot to work or study in a small space is definitely a difficult challenge. So why not opt for a smart, portable standing desk like the AIZ worktop? It is cost-friendly and has a compact design to fit tight corners — you can even roll it to the kitchen or the laundry room to multi-task house chores with tasks like informal brainstorming group sessions.

The height can go from 29” to 47”, allowing users to switch between sitting and standing to maintain good productivity. The tabletop is big enough for a laptop and notepad, and the lower extra shelf can house important books and a planter for visual appeal. “Easy to put together, seems sturdy enough, raises to multiple heights and has a decent surface space. Love it,” says Just Trena.

Standing Desk Essentials

Looking for an Instagrammable standing desk that adds to the aesthetics, provides good storage space, and reflects a homely vibe? The Standing Desk Essentials has got you covered! The premium and sustainable materials give the desk a durable design and great storage, including the main worktop, a laptop lifter wing, a phone stand, and hooks for backpacks or headphones.

Available in different colors and finishes, this wooden desk can be upgraded by adding additional pieces offered by the company, such as a double-wide desk module and a footrest. The best part? It is assembled without tools and can simply be folded down if you need to store it away.

AirLift Desk

The Airlift Desk pairs motorized height adjustability with a dry-erase desktop to allow you to make notes and a charging station to help you keep your phone close by. Let’s not forget the tempered glass tabletop that upgrades the entire look, all within an affordable price tag.


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