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Best Affordable Furniture Stores for Every Style

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Designing your home — and on the lookout for the best furniture stores? We understand that interior designing is a rewarding job, but the stress of sourcing the right furniture can be overwhelming. Especially so because the wide variety of in-person and online stores makes it difficult to land the best furniture store: one that meets your budget and needs while complementing your style.

Looking to narrow down your hunt? Keep reading for the top 8 furniture stores to help you decide the right option for your home ✨

Furniture Store #01: Serena and Lily

Homeowners who have a thing for preppy-coastal style will find Serena and Lily perfect for classic and chic furniture. The attention to detail and quality, paired with multiple choices like wicker, blonde wood, and hues of blue, provide all the right options to design a coastal chic interior. The company offers a bit of everything, making sure you can mix and match your favorite furniture pieces with complementary decor.

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Miramar Chair comes in soothing blue and green shades, mimicking the look of the watery and airy look of the beach. You can use it as an accent chair in the bedroom or create symmetry in the living room by arranging one on each side of the main couch.

Furniture Store #02: Wayfair

Credit: Wayfair

While the thought of having luxurious items around your home is appealing, having a few cost-friendly picks on hand is always a great idea — especially when you’re looking to add extra storage, additional seating, and some soft furnishings.

Wayfair offers tons of different products, but their main draw is furniture, which, not to mention, is highly pocket-friendly (thanks to the low prices, regular sales, and free shipping on orders above $35). You can flip through specific filtered categories to find the desired item within minutes. Sounds efficient, right?

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Lighted Market Umbrella is an amazing find that uses its solar LED lighting to provide additional illumination and extend your time outdoors. The vented canopy can be raised or lowered and also helps with heat dissipation and air circulation.

Furniture Store #03: Homary

Credit: Homary

For super functional bits and pieces, Homary is the store to visit. Be it modern, minimal, or traditional, this store is known for a jackpot of multiple design styles — unlike some brands that restrict choices. What’s more, all the products carry a luxurious touch at a fraction of the cost, and if you’re a new user, you even get the chance to enjoy a coupon spin to win up to a $500 deal!

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Yellar Shoe Cabinet is one of the unique pieces at Homary. The sleek body hides away everyday wear shoes, and the flat countertop provides a spot to display beautiful vases and planters to adorn your entryway hallway.

Furniture Store #04: Edloe Finch

Credit: Edloe Finch

Though new to the market, the remarkable quality and lovely designs of Edloe Finch have helped it make a mark already. The prominent style of the furniture is modern and bohemian, so if you’re someone who is looking for items with sleek lines and wicker detailing, the pieces at Edloe Finch are for you. Free shipping and a return time of 30 days are a few extra perks you’ll get to enjoy.

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Nala Coffe Table can stand out as a statement piece in a minimal living room. Play with the shape and height of items. For example, adding a stack of magazine books and introducing greenery in unique planters. Whichever ideas you try, this item in itself will make for a great focal point.

Furniture Store #05: Castlery

Credit: Castlery

For people who find furniture shopping difficult, Castlery is here to help. The modern furniture retailer has pre-styled rooms on their website to help customers all types of items — especially those that complement their taste. The brand also has a virtual showroom to allow you to wander through their warehouse. You can also use their filters to sort items into particular categories. Plus, customers can order three free fabric swatches to make sure the products match their desired material (and color).

Item Worth Adding to Cart: With its fluted panel design and tactile surface, the Sloane Dining Set is a worthwhile addition to your dining room. It seats up to 8 people and comes with a 14-day return policy — so you can always test and decide if it works for your aesthetics and needs.

Furniture Store #06: Urban Outfitters

Formerly popular for clothing, Urban Outfitters has now found their way into the home decor niche. They deal in trendy armoires, couches, tables, and more — that too at a cost-friendly price. So, they allow budgeted shopping with a cost filter on their website.

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Greta Sleeper Sofa is an amazing multi-purpose furniture piece that can contribute to a cozy nook during the day (and double as an additional sleeping spot at night). Click through the metal frame on the couch to set the position accordingly.

Furniture Store #07: Arhaus

Credit: Arhaus

With the growing consciousness of the environment, brands like Arhaus have gained attention for their commitment to protecting the environment. They do so with their handmade, sustainable furniture. The brand has developed and adapted its designs to the trends, but the mission to sustain the environment remains the same. So, it’s a win-win situation: you get modern and trendy pieces without (significantly) increasing your carbon footprint.

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Madison Bookcase is a statement piece that comes in a minimal design — allowing flexibility to be dressed up or dressed down (depending on the rest of the decor in the room). And if you grab it now, the article is being offered at a 50% discount!

Furniture Store #08: Burrow

Credit: Burrow

The modular sofas designed by Burrow are ideal for people who want comfortable yet easy-to-move furniture. But that’s not it. The sofas are highly customizable, meaning you can choose all the details (from armrest style and sofa fabric to the leg finish). The rest of the offerings — including side tables, desks, and beds — are also designed to be easily disassembled and packed when you’re shifting homes.

The furniture has a modern and sleek look that can complement multiple design styles. (However, for boho and eclectic styles, you may want to try another brand).

Item Worth Adding to Cart: The Armless Sectional is crowd favorite; you’ll know when you see its sleek build and durability 😉🤍


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