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6 Best Sectional Couches with Recliners: An Interior Designer’s Favorites

Updated: May 7

recliner sectional couch

Just when you thought resting on the couch couldn’t get any better… sectional recliners made their debut. While it’s a bulky piece, a sectional with recliner redefines comfort—making you feel just like you’re lying on your bed. We’d call them the ultimate pieces for relaxation: sofas where you can sprawl out, kick your feet up, and find the most comfortable position.

Because reclining sectionals can be a hefty investment, it pays off to shop around before buying your preferred piece. We’ve done the work for you—and handpicked the 6 best sectional couches with recliners for you to purchase. So, let’s get started!

3 Seat Chaise Couch in Evening Fog (HomeBody)

grey velvet couch with recliner

Who says couches have to be boring? This chaise couch is the ultimate combination of comfort and luxury—blending the best of both worlds in a modern yet timeless piece. The velvet cover adds warmth to your interior and exudes luxury. Simultaneously, the plump cushions let you sink in and feel the bounce, putting your body at ease.

The modular pieces are secured together with hidden steel connectors that wouldn’t be conspicuous, giving the piece a seamless look. We particularly love how this reclining sectional uses 100% recycled fabrics and ocean plastics; this makes your choice eco-friendly! 

If you’re looking for a bigger piece, you can also find Evening Fog as a 5-seat sectional with 2 recliners—perfect for large family rooms and home theaters. This comes in 7 color variations as well as other configurations.

Marshmallow 4 Seat Sectional with 3 Recliners

white velvet 5 seat couch with recliner seats

If you’re looking for durability, Homebody’s marshmallow reclining sectional is covered in strong and durable linen—perfect to withstand daily use. The linen is also comfortable to sit on and absorbs moisture, making it great for use in hot weather—as well as cozier for the winter months. 

This reclining sectional features complete modularity, so you can join the pieces you prefer. It has an edgeless design with a soft silhouette, and its sleek shape is perfect for contemporary interiors. You can choose from 7 colors and 6 configurations (from a 2-seater to a 7-seater)—there’s a little something for every type of buyer!

Tyler Power Recliner - Two Seat Sectional Recliner

double recliner beige sectional

Meet the Linen Beige Double Recliner Couch—a game-changer in the world of comfy sectional sofas with recliners. This bad boy isn't your grandma's recliner; it's a modern, sophisticated twist on the classic, ready to elevate your living room vibes.

Now, let's talk about customization—because who wants a one-size-fits-all couch? With the Linen Beige, you get to dial in your perfect comfort level with just a tap, thanks to the sneaky little buttons tucked away in our Power Motion collection. It's like having your own personal comfort wizard right at your fingertips.

But it's not just about the tech—it's about the look. This sectional comes with an extra boost, literally, with a slightly higher seat and backrest. The low, sleek arms add a touch of contemporary cool, and the built-in motion footrest? Pure genius for those Netflix marathons.

And let's talk about those cushions. Plush feather-blend magic that not only looks classy but feels like a dream. Just remember to give 'em a fluff every now and then to keep things looking sharp.

Now, here's the real MVP move: the zero-clearance design. Pop this bad boy right up against the wall without a worry. It's like your couch is giving you a little extra space hug.

We know life happens, spills are inevitable, and wear and tear are part of the game. That's why we've decked out the Linen Beige with performance fabrics that can handle it all. Spills, stains, high traffic—bring it on. This sectional is here for the long haul.

Oh, and we get it—flexibility is key. That's why its designers threw in a 9'5" power cord, so you can place this beauty wherever your heart desires.

Koala 5 Seat Sectional with 1 Recliner

stain-resistant couch with 5 seats and 4 recliner seats

Have furry friends jumping on and off your sofas? This Koala 5-seater is equipped with pet-friendly fabric; it’s scratch-proof, spill-proof and incredibly easy to clean. This means you don’t have to worry if your cat loves scratching your sofa or your dog topples over drink glasses—this reclining sectional can tolerate it all!

The L-shaped end can face right or left, and the arms of the modular can be placed on either side. The piece features a quick and easy assembly, 7 color options, and 6 configurations. You can also choose between 0 and 4 reclining pieces to add to your sofa (we’d recommend choosing at least one).

Cameron Square Arm Upholstered Power Reclining Sectional

recliner couch with mid-section tables from pottery barn

The classic lover’s go-to will be the Cameron Square sectional by Pottery Barn. It features a square arm and removable solid wood legs, as well as a power cord placed at the back of the seat. The sectional’s seats are wrapped in polyester, giving them a firm feel, while the engineered wood frame provides integrity. Its slim profile and compact silhouette make it a good fit for small spaces.

You can choose the configuration (between a right and left chaise), and whether or not you want storage. They also offer a variety of over 40 fabrics and colors; however, these will be made to order so may require a delivery time of 12+ weeks. 

Coconut 3 Seat Sectional with 1 Recliner

white linen sectional recliner couch

A sectional that resembles a regular couch in its standard form? Yes, please! This coconut 3 seat sectional looks like a regular couch—except that you can recline it when you’re in for a snooze. It has one reclining piece, which means two seats remain as they are.

This sofa, like other Homebody’s pieces, comes in 7 color variations and 6 configurations. This means you can choose a piece as big or small as you wish. Its linen fabric is durable, and, when topped with a stunning cushion setting, can make for the focal point in any room.

Final Words

Reclining sectionals are truly the best choice when it comes to comfort and practicality. They let you sit upright or recline backwards as you wish—and can be quickly reconfigured as per your needs. If you’re looking for a sofa that will grow—and shrink—with your needs, while providing optimal comfort, a sectional couch with recliner will be a great investment. Pick one from above and make your purchase to see what we mean ✨

Quick tip before we wind up—When purchasing a bulky piece like a sectional with recliner, measure your space beforehand! This makes sure you choose a piece that will actually fit into the desired space. If it doesn’t, you may need to rearrange other items in the room to fit in your newly purchased sectional. 


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